New books now available

To coincide with the special event to commemorate Bob Hunter’s life and work a number of new publications will be launched. These include:

  • Strabane Barony during the Ulster Plantation, 1607–1641 (also available as an eBook)
  • The Ulster Plantation in the Counties of Armagh and Cavan 1608–1641 (also available as an eBook)
  • Ulster Transformed: Essays on Plantation and Print Culture c. 1590–1641
  • ‘Men and Arms’: The Ulster Settlers, c. 1630 (also available as an eBook)
  • The Plantation of Ulster: The Story of the English (Heritage Map & Pocket History)

 And coming soon:

  •  The Ulster Port Books 1612–15

These will be available at the event in Armagh on 20th October and can be purchased online at the Foundation’s bookstore: