MEMO D 4446|UNL1

Before I started work on cataloguing the collection Ian Montgomery kindly showed me a couple of boxes containing R.J.H.’s transcripts of port books. Unfortunately I have no specific reference for these boxes but I do have some of the Leeds Archives Dept. references for the xeroxes.

For example, for the Derry Port Book c.1612–1614 the reference is TN|PO7|1|4A–4C

4A Sept 9/1612–9/1613) 5 pp R.J.H. annotations
4B Oct 10/1613–3/1614 5 pp R.J.H. annotations
4C 3/1614–29/09/1614 13 pp R.J.H. annotations

Large envelope ‘Derry’ containing photocopies of Port Books 3/1614–3/1615 approx. 70 pp 18 inches by 12 inches