B 183451

On 29 April 2007 R.J.H. wrote to his friend and researcher in London Ian [O.Neill?] ‘I am trying to write a little article for a book on a castle and Canon Ball near here’. There are two folders arising from this brown folder marked Canon Ball and City Connor

This led to the publication of an article entitled ‘Sir Henry Docwra’s Canon Ball: A Memento Of The Taking Of O’Cahan’s Enagh Castle in 1601’ by B.G. Scott , R.J. McHugh and R.J. Hunter, probably published after the latter’s death

There is a note from Laura stating that the material was taken from box 49 PRONI Hunter collection and needed to be returned to her

[purple folder] ‘City Cannon’ documentation on English army presence in Derry c.1565–

[green folder] ‘Docwra’s Derry including ‘newes’ from Lough Foyle (xerox copy of a pamphlet entitled ‘News From Lough Foyle In Ireland Of The Late Treacherous Action And Rebellion Of Sir Carey Adougherry …With His Ransacking And Burning Of The City Of Derry London 1608’ 12 pp

Xerox copy of the gun founders of England with a list of English and Continental gun founders from the 14th to 19th centuries by Charles Ffoulkes (Cambridge 1937)

Handwritten list of inhabitants of Derry July 1611 (published in Analecta Hibernica VIII pp 261–263)

Xerox copies of approx. 10 Docwra wills c.1534–c.1630

Henry Docwra died in Ireland c.1631

IGI searches for Docwra and xerox copies of VCH articles from Vol. 3 of ‘History Of Hertfordshire’

Envelope with the caption ‘Skulls And Cross Bones’ copy (duplicated) of Julian Walton’s article ‘Pictorial Decoration On East Waterford Tombstones’ published in Decies No. 14 (1980)

Xerox copy of article entitled ‘Gleanings In Northern Churchyards’ by Rev. George H. Reade published in the Journal of the Kilkenny and South East of Ireland Archaeological Society 1858–9

Illustration of gravestones at Dunluce 1630–1674 and [Derrykeighan?]

IGI searches for Colman|Coleman in response to a query from a Mr John Feitig of Lebanon PA in respect of an ancestor a [millionaire?] ironmaster who originate in Castlefin [Donaghmore] Co. Donegal. In 2003 the inquirer was intending to publish a book entitled ‘Memories That Linger’