B 183449

[Box with finding number 59]

This box contains folders with drafts of sections of a thesis submitted for the degree of Ph.D. entitled ‘The Ulster Plantation In the Counties of Armagh and Cavan 1608–1641’

The largest quantity of material is in a green folder entitled ‘Thesis’

These are all handwritten notes with chapter titles such as:

‘The Native Irish’

‘The Fortunes Of The Irish Grantees’

John Andrews’ commentary on the 1609 maps

The thesis contains two special studies of the estates of the Archbishopric of Armagh and of Trinity College Dublin in Co. Armagh based on the archives of both institutions.

Envelope ‘Thesis: Native Irish And Plantation’ (approx. 50 pp) handwritten

Introductory 7 pages of typescript entitled ‘Chapter 7’

[orange folder] ‘Thesis Drafts’ includes:

Handwritten version of chapter 1 introduction (24 pp)

Historical background 14 pp handwritten; Cavan 29 pp

Chapter 2 The grantees 8 pp handwritten

Also typescript (10 pp) entitled ‘The Natives’

[faded red folder] with typescript section on Pynnar’s survey pp 47–69

[green folder] ‘Thesis Drafts: Church And Education’

Handwritten draft pp 20–59 typed versions of sections at least

‘The Church And Education’ 68 pp handwritten

Large envelope with handwritten sections 1628–1632 and ‘Wentworth Chapter’

[red folder] ‘Thesis’ containing a typed version of chapter 4 1619–1625, 24 pp loose papers and notes

[red folder] ‘The Royal Schools in Armagh and Cavan’ 11 pp typed double spacing and in MS; landscape and colonists 10 pp MS; rents and land values and income 13 pp MS; tenants 17 pp MS

Historical background Co. Armagh 1543–1610, 14 pp

Historical background Cavan 38 pp

Handwritten comments pp 2–6 on the Reformation: noted that Bradshaw’s account does not take note of evidence drawn by D.B. Quinn from the memoranda rolls surviving in the National Archives Dublin