B 183447

[Temporary finding number 73]

[blue folder] ‘Ulster Planters Colonial Connections’: Carroll of Maryland

Xerox copies of notes and queries section of the Virginia Historical Magazine giving information on the Lovelace family, also on tobacco

[grey/blue file] ‘Tobacco’

Envelope with xeroxes of MSS re tobacco 1640s possibly from TCD depositions 1641

Including a Newsletter from the Society of Clay Pipe Research

Xerox copy of article on Siege of Rathbarry Castle near Clonakilty, Co. Cork 1642

(green folder) ‘Reformation’; [some?] Ussher’s works written on Magee exam folder

(fawn folder) ‘Ussher’ xerox copy of a major work of 417 pages dedicated to King Charles II entitled ‘The power [given?] by God to the Prince’; xerox copy of pamphlet (7 pp) entitled ‘Propositions of the Irish rebels’ published London 1644; handwritten note by T.W. Moody examiner for Ph.D. thesis “I wonder if you shouldn’t try to recast this, albeit very good narrative into a much [  ?  ] yet analytical form. With the New History of Ireland now available and published may not think we need more than about half this length

Red folder with a xerox copy of the History of the Warr [          ] of Ireland 1641–1653 written c.1685 by an officer in Sir John Clotworthy’s regiment 160 pp

(green folder) ‘Cromwellian Ireland’ [Prof] Brian [Manning’s] article ‘Cromwell, the English Revolution and the Irish People’ 11 pp typed double spacing

(green folder) Containing xerox copies of 2 articles by James Brennan published in the Irish Theological Quarterly 1957 entitled ‘A Gallican Interlude in Ireland: the Irish remonstrance of 1661’

(red folder) ‘Catholicism in Derry Diocese’; typed list of 13 popish priests in Co. Londonderry registered 1704 ages 30–70 published Analecta Hibernica 1916 with annotations

Oath of Cormock O’Mullan popish priest in the Londonderry Plantation 1631 (SP 63|252 f 284)