B 174746

Box almost entirely taken up with working papers for R.J.H. article ‘The Bible And The Bawn: An Ulster Planter Inventorised’ published in an essay volume to make the retirement of Aidan Clarke as Erasmus Smith Professor of History in TCD (2004)

The inventory was that of Rev. Edward Hatton

The document arose from litigation between James Hatton and his father’s widow in the Chancery Court in Dublin. The document bears heavily the marks of the damage it sustained in 1922 and is also incomplete

(folder) ‘Dublin To Boston 1719’

Magee University College Londonderry holds a volume of manuscripts (MS 46) which includes a transcript of a letter from a Leonard Cotton. The letter was addressed to Rev. Thomas Steward (DD) (1669–1753) who had come from England to a Presbyterian congregation in Dublin in 1705. The treatment accorded to passengers on arrival at Boston can be derived from official records

The House of Representatives was informed on 4 November that a vessel had arrived from Ireland:

‘With about 150 passengers several of whom in the passage have been sick of the small pox and are by the care of the Select Men of Boston landed at the pest house, so many as that will entertain but several still remain on board unprovided for who will be likely soon to come to this town if care not be taken of them to the endangering the health of the province’

R.J.H’s edition of this letter may have been published in the ‘Diary Of Cultural Events’ issued by Magee University College Extramural Studies Department in 1970

Off print of R.J.H’s article ‘The Disruption Of A Munster Plantation Enterprise 1598’ published in the Cork Hist. & Arch. Soc. 1970