B 174700

Copy typescript of lecture of J.G. Simms on Ulster plantation in Co. Donegal delivered in 1971 (24 pp) (points out that Hill was wrong in saying the precinct of Portlough was in Boylagh or Bannagh.  It was in the Raphoe area)

(faded fawn folder) PCC will searches for families of undertakers and servitors in Co. Cavan c.1384–c.1700 (approx. 45 surnames); similar material for Co. Donegal although small quantity

(grey folder) Armagh Registry Library (100 pp) pen and ink notes Lodge MSS mainly for counties Armagh and Cavan

Transcript of William Reeves notes on Co. Tyrone (3 ½ pp) including abstract of will of Robert Cowell 04/06/1627 copied from Prerogative Court original in PROI

Same for Robert Hovenden Esquire 07/07/1641 (approx. 50 pp); notes some pencilled of extracts from Royal visitation of bishoprics in Ireland 1622

(green folder) Estates of the archbishopric of Armagh c.1600–c.1634 taken from Strafford letterbook in Sheffield Pubic Library (51 pp) typescript 2 MS versions

(green folder) preface by E.P. Shirley of Lough Fea, Co. Monaghan, to papers on the Church of Ireland 1631–1639 published for the National Protestant Union in London (75 pp)

(mauve folder) R.J.H. seeking copies of Hastings estate papers in the Huntington Library, California, formerly the estate of Sir John Davies including rent roll 1633–66

Some 20 pp MS notes on Hunnings family

(reddish folder) Jamestown, Co. Leitrim; xerox copy of Record Commissioners transcript of the Charter of Jamestown to Sir Charles Coote 01/02/1622 (approx. 20 pp) A3 handwritten

Copy of R.J.H. letter to the Irish Times 15 November 1971 deploring the threat of the demolition of the old gateway arch at Jamestown dating from the plantation period