B 174697

Similar box of files with copies of IGI searches and copies wills c.1590–c.1630 mainly Prerogative Canterbury

Occasionally files include copies of published histories of the family and in the case of Harrington: The Harington Family by Ian Grimble London 1957

Harrison file includes only a list of PCC wills 1583–1700 (no annotation or copies)

Harte file includes a copy of the family history of Harte of Donegal by Henry Travers Harte (London 1907)

Heigham: 5 copy wills c.1596–c.1630, London, Suffolk, Essex and Berks.

Helmes file includes copy will of Edward Helmes gent of Bentley Co. Suffolk probated 1626 and that of Sir Henry Helmes probated 1627

Herron file includes copy will of William Herron of Surfleet Lincolnshire ‘1624’ William Herron|Hearne of same gent probate 5/2/1615|1616

Huning: large file including copies of c.12 wills c.1540–c.1660

Annotations by R.J.H. includes the statement ‘men of Suffolk and Norfolk had a big part in Ulster Plantation. Later, 1630– made a big part [in] the ‘great migration’ plantation in America. I always think it odd that main stream historians of England say so little about that’

… Henry Huning played a central role of selecting grantees in 1609 and 1610 and received an estate himself.  Some of the grantees eg John Archdale and my [I think] Isaac Thomson married Hunings people in the years just before ie c.1603. Henry came over.  He seems to have been long lived (to c.1630 plus) and to have returned to England. He had a daughter and heiress (sometimes co-heiress) Ursula

File includes 3 pp hand written extracts from the parish registers of Eye Suffolk 1[ ]38–c.1812 (from Society of Genealogists Library London)

Photocopy of some notes of the families of Hunnings of South Lincolnshire, London and Suffolk by W.E. Foster (Exeter 1912)

Other surnames: Kingsmill, Leech (Norfolk wills c.1631–2)

Large file for Lovelace (Lovell) including c.10 copy wills c.1570–c.1640

R.J.H. note on Sir William Lovelace the elder [buried?] 1629 Bethersden Kent

Sir William Lovelace the younger’s will probated 23/6/1628 seeks copy wills from PCC [or] local Kent Court ‘It would be great to have … since both were in Ireland in 1590’s’

Photocopy of the Kentish family of Lovelace by Rev. A.J. Pearman

Lowther file contains xerox copy of some notes on the Lowthers who held judicial office in Ireland in the seventeenth century by Sir Edmund T. Bewley LLD late judge of the Supreme Court in Ireland in transactions of Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Soc. 1902

Lusher file: … copies of c.10 wills c.1600–c.1660 approx.. 10 pp R.J.H. MS notes

The Lushers were grantees in 1610; dealings with the Sacheverall family of Derbyshire

Plantation grantees in Co. Armagh

Mainwaring: copy wills of Sir Arthur proved 1591, Sir George proved 1628, Matchett, 3 Norfolk wills c.1629–1638. Mansfield|Mounsell including copy will of John Mounsell of London and Co. Limerick probated 1638; Cavallero Maycott of London 1624

Dozens of copy wills and 6 pp R.J.H. MS notes ‘… My Captain Ralph Mansfield?, grantee in Co. Donegall died 1633. Had Capt. Ralph Mansfield been in Ireland in the war of the 1590s he would have got an estate in 1610. Since he was not here, what connection facilitated him getting the land?’

‘I now know that Rees and Charles Mansell who were in the army in Ireland were both dead by 1599. They were of the Glamorgan family with its long military and naval connections, and London presence too.’