B 174693

Miscellaneous box of material on the History of Derry|Londonderry

Containing a photocopy in sections of Archibald Stewart’s map of the city 1738 with a copy of the key listing names of tenants … [             ] of tenement, front footage, description and valuation.

Written copy of the key.

Envelope containing: descriptions of Derry.

Extracts from tour literature possibly prepared by under-graduates because the envelope has the caption ‘Nuala McAlister chapter and notes’

This may refer to a 14 pp typed essay entitled ‘Music and Society in later enlightenment Derry 1772–1800’

Include extracts from Thackery’s Irish sketch book (1842) and Pascal Grousett’s Ireland’s Disease (1889)

File containing copies of nineteenth century ‘Derry pamphlets’ including copy of the history of St Columb’s College from its foundation in 1879 (prospectus published 1918)

Copy of the late John Carlin’s lecture on the city of St Columb published Carmarthen, Wales 1893

There may also be a copy of this pamphlet in a volume entitled Derrianna and other tracts in the library of St Columb’s College

Copy of the 44th annual report on the Londonderry YMCA 1899–1900

Envelope containing information on Foyle College including a note on a painting of Francis Andrews, Provost of Trinity College Dublin 1759–1774

Francis Andrews (1718–1774) was a pupil at the ‘Free Grammar School Londonderry’.  His period as Provost of TCD was described ‘perhaps the most brilliant in the history of the college’. He died in 1774 leaving part of his wealth to establish an Observatory and endow a professorship of Astronomy at TCD (Defective envelope – needs replaced)

File ‘Libraries in Derry’

R.J.H.’s handwritten notes on libraries including those of the Londonderry Sentinel? Office, Pump Street, the Presbyterian working men’s institute library (destroyed in a car bomb in the early 1970s) and the Londonderry Roman Catholic lending library

Also included is a xerox copy of Charles Dickens Barneby Rudge bearing the stamp of the Londonderry RIC reading room lending library

‘Sir Edward Reid file’

Sir Edward was a merchant who lived at the Elms Kilderry and later at Clarendon Street in the city

A search by the genealogy centre in Derry provides details of five children baptised in 1st Derry Presbyterian Church. The family had ceased to reside in the city by the time of the 1901 census and there was no record of burials of any member of the family in Derry City Cemetery

Sir Edward was Mayor of the city 1868–9. His residence The Elms was apparently within the boundary of the city of Londonderry. The writer Forest Reid was son of Dr J. Kelso Reid of The Elms, Derry

Obituary of Sir Edward Reid JP 4 June 1912; he was Mayor of Londonderry for 5 years

He came to Londonderry from Ramelton the place which gave to the city, as he proudly recalled such important men as his brother Dr Forest Reid, Mr Hugh Stevenson, Mr Alexander Black, Mr John Cooke, HML, the Watts and others. In 1894 he went to live in London.

Some details of his library and also a copy of Rev. Edward L. Parker’s History of Londonderry comprising the towns of Derry and Londonderry, New Hampshire published in Boston in 1851. The author was formerly pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Derry

File entitled ‘P Doherty of Derry Sculptor’

File of Rev. Dr John Kinnear of 1st Letterkeny Presbyterian Church and MP for Co. Donegal 1880–c.1885 (as tenant right campaigner)

Handwritten list (22 pp) of books presented to Magee College Library

Envelope containing a photocopy of Walter Bernard’s The Problem of Life in Belfast 1898. The author a native of Londonderry was the Principal Medical Officer, 2nd and 3rd Divisions, Army Works Corps, Crimea

Large file containing photocopies of the rules of Coleraine Library and also a large collection of extracts from the Londonderry Sentinel c.1848–1856

File containing a catalogue of early Belfast printed books in the Linen Hall Library 1694–1830

File containing a typed copy (15 pp) of deed between Clothworkers Company of London and Sir Henry Hervey Bruce of London and Downhill baronet MP 1872

Envelope ‘Post Office Derry’; including list of postmasters, description of roads, extracts from Marmion’s Ancient and modern history of maritime ports of Ireland

Envelope containing a photograph of the Board of Directors of Londonderry Gas Light Company 1877 (probably presented by David Biggar)

Copy of ‘If stones could speak’ by Patrick L. Doherty project director North West Centre for Learning and Development, 11/2/1980

Some loose press cuttings and xeroxes