B 174677

Half the box contains xerox copies of books in print including (in green folder):

W.H. Bradshaw’s Enniskillen Long Ago (Dublin 1878), 160 pp

Captain William McCormick’s Actions of the Inniskilling Men, ed. W.T. Latimer, Belfast 1896 54 pp

Reprint by Hugh Weir, Ballinakella Press, Whitegate, Co. Clare of Sir Charles S. King’s edition of [           ] Henry’s Upper Lough Erne in 1739 95 pp

(yellow folder) containing copies of the Earl of Belmore’s  History of Two Ulster Manors (reissue 1910) pp 1–133 and pp 289–456

(blue folder) containing Earl of Belmore’s essay in the Irish Historical Atlas (1609). The essay in this volume was one on the Old Castles of Co.Tyrone (79 pp) published Belfast 1903

The other essays possibly including one on James Spottiswoode, Church of Ireland Bishop of Clogher c.1621 were published in a special volume of the Ulster Journal of Archaeology

(olive green folder) W.C. Trimble History of Enniskillen

Xerox copies of large sections of vols 1 and 3 (2 pp of hand written notes on contents)

(pink folder) Rev. [Edmund] Hogan’s edition of a Description of Ireland in 1598 published Dublin and London 1878 34 pp

(yellow folder) ‘Land Ownership 1641 Armagh’ [based on the Book of S[urvey] and D[istribution]; approx. 100 pp manuscript notes on baronies of Co. Armagh

(red folder) ‘Land Ownership Co. Cavan 1641’ [based on book of Survey and Distribution 1650’s] approx. 16 pp hand written notes on each barony of Co. Cavan

(beige folder) ‘Dunnalong’ near Leckpatrick, Co. Tyrone includes c.20 photographs mainly aerial

Handwritten notes on Dunnalong Canon Ball and bricks found locally

Also a memo entitled ‘Helicopter flight over Dunnalong Easter Sunday April 1993 with David McConaghy … numerous photographs taken. ‘No clear impression of the earth works of the fort visible to the eye from overhead’

Copies of maps including Dunnalong fort

(yellow folder) ‘Enniskillen Church’

Booklet on St Macartin’s Cathedral Enniskillen and Enniskillen parish since 1627

Xerox copy of earlier booklet covering the years 1628–1953

Xerox copy of Audrey Brown and Hazel Kinston’s ‘A Story of St Macartin’s Cathedral Enniskillen’ and W.H. Dundas Enniskillen parish and town (1913)

(red folder) ‘Clogher’ 40 pp MS notes on undertakers Sir Thomas and George Ridgeway, Francis Willoughby, William Parsons etc. with IGI searches Parsons and Fenton

(green|grey folder) ‘Co. Tyrone’ includes a xerox copy of Groves typescript of the Hearth Money roll for Co. Tyrone 1666 approx. 10 pp MS notes

(black folder) ‘Dungannon Barony’ 4 pp MS notes

Ordnance Survey published list of townlands in Co. Fermanagh showing 6 inch scale sheets (1910)

PRONI folder containing Anthony Malcomson’s sample chapter from the constituency history of the Irish House of Commons 1692–1800.  This is on Strabane borough and includes 78 footnotes and approx. 24 pp of handwritten notes on the Fermanagh inquisitions of 1609