B 174666

Working papers organised by English Co. Record Office including xerox copies of published visitations, articles published by local historical societies, some typed transcripts of church registers (Essex), copies of pedigrees

[red file] ‘Pedigrees’ Lincolnshire

Xerox copies of pages selected from vols 1 and 2 of Lincolnshire Pedigrees edited by Rev. Canon Maddison (1902–1903)

Annotation by R.J.H. ‘Sir Arthur Chichester connection ie a link with a person not from his home area. … One of two Chichester connections found by Ian O’Neill through using the index’

Xerox copies of select pages from Lincolnshire wills 1500–1600 and 1600–1617

Note by R.J.H. ‘I found some slight though interesting documents on a group of people about 1620 who had a plan for Virginia. They are very interesting because some of the people link up with Ireland as well. One was Sir William Monson. Another was a Sir John Brown c. 1611. John Browne (later Sir) took a lease of lands in parish of Croft Lincolnshire reclaimed by his brother Sir Valentine Browne. Very interestingly there had been a Valentine Brown in Ireland c.1553–1588 … the Virginia consortium included also Sir James Heskinge, James Chester of London, Emanuel Gifford, John Minch and John Langley of London

Xerox copies of approx. 50 pp Lincolnshire wills with the annotation ‘Fynes Moryson|Morrison, Sir Richard Moryson; any Harington or Chichester in index’

File entitled ‘Sir William Monson’s Virginia Adventurers’ approx. 12 pages handwritten notes

[yellow file] ‘Norfolk Pedigrees’

Including xerox copy of [           ] Blenerhassett in the visitations of Norfolk, 1563, 1589 and 1613

Xerox copies with annotation ‘Flowerdew Connection; military forerunner and grantee in his own right.  Many Flowerdew wills’

Approx. 50 pp xerox copies in an envelope entitled ‘Hobart and ‘Bulwer’’

R.J.H. list of names [for ?] whom documentation is sought:

1. Sir Clement Higham

2. Thurston of Hoxne

3. Thomas Cheyney

4. William Buckenham|Bokeham

5. Robert Bogas

6. Henry Honing

7. John Archdale

8. Sir Henry Hobart

Other surnames were Flowerdew, Stanhowe, Grimes, Aldrich, Matchett, Plumstead, Leech and Blennerhasset

Three envelopes entitled ‘Suffolk’ with lists of surnames being researched

5. Boges, Collet, Noller, Scrutton, Rivett, Thompson, Thurston

Envelope includes handwritten lists of PCC lists of wills and also wills Suffolk Archdeaconry Court, Norfolk Consistory Court, Norfolk Archdeaconry Court etc.

6. Surnames: Bokenham, Dawtry, Garret, Honing, Howard, Whiting

7. Surnames: Archdale, Muskett, Seckford, Southall (Southwell) and Wingfield

[red folder] ‘Norfolk’

Including xerox copies of the registers of baptisms, marriages and burials for the parish of Sidestrand 1558–1858 by Christobel M. Hoare (1914)

Xerox copies of extracts from ‘The History of an East Anglican Soke’

The surnames being researched were Grimes, Matchett and Leech

[blue folder] ‘Bedfordshire’

Including typed transcripts of baptismal, marriage and burial registers for Blunham and Mogerhanger 1571–1646

About 6 copies of wills including Thomas Allan of Moggerhanger 1626

[mauve file] ‘Kent’

Including xerox copies of visitations 1574 and 1592

Copy of a history of Kent published in 1829 in 3 vols

Slim files with only a few papers entitled Lancashire Record Office, Leicestershire, Liverpool, London 2 files, Bedford Co. Record Office and Carlisle