B 174663


(green folder) ‘Tobacco’

[2] copies of a typescript article by R.J.H. entitled ‘Tobacco Pipes in Ireland in the Reign of James I’ along with a handwritten draft.

Xerox copies of pp 302–315 possibly of a thesis on the Colony of Virginia

Handwritten essay by R.J.H. entitled ‘The Diffusion of Tobacco in early Seventeenth Century Ireland’ 5 pp (pen)

Approx. 60 pp handwritten notes listing tobacco totals for Irish ports c.1632–1636

(blue folder) ‘An Irish Diary of the Confederate Wars’; xerox copy of an edition of the diary of Father O’Mellan OSF of Brantry Friary, Co. Tyrone published in the Co. Louth Archaeological Journal 1921–1924 pp 207–251 etc approx. 100 pages one page of handwritten notes and queries

(orange folder) xerox copy of The history of the seven wise masters of Rome published 1687

(blue folder)

Xerox copy of pp 447–515 of Wilkins, Concilia magnae Britannicae et Hiberniae on the articles of religion, agreed 1615

(red folder) ‘Churches’

Postcards of village churches in England

Booklet entitled ‘Battersea Parish Church: History and Guide Book’

Papers and correspondence concerning All Saints Church [Wandsworth] London Putney Parish Magazine Summer 1996

Folder ‘PROI rep DK’ including photocopies of the Deputy Keepers Report Public Record Office of Ireland nos 19 and 20 1887–1888 includes calendar to Christchurch deeds

Handwritten essay (3 pp ink) entitled ‘Plantation and Reformation in Sixteenth Century Ireland: Sir Thomas Smith and Hugh Allen, Bishop of Down’ approx. 10 unidentified photographs and descriptions of exteriors of buildings

(red folder) ‘Munster Plantation’

Approx. 20 pp of handwritten notes taken from M. MacCarthy-Morrogh’s Ph.D. thesis (London 1983) with covering dates 1583–1641

(blue folder) ‘Gaelic Pedigrees’; approx. a dozen xerox copies from Carew MSS with some notes

(blue folder) ‘Emigration’

Handwritten essay (5 pp) Irish Emigration in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries

(fawn folder) ‘Blennerhasset – A direction for the plantation in Ulster

This is a pamphlet of some 30 pages printed in London in 1610.  The author Thomas Blennerhasset was ‘a playne country man and one of the undertakers in Fermanagh’

(fawn folder) ‘Carville project’

R.J. Hunter’s 4 page typed essay ‘John Carvile’s project for plantation in Ireland 1609’ incl. 40 footnotes

Also a typed transcript of the original project 1609; second copy of same with draft in manuscript

Envelope containing a 12 page typescript sample chapter of Rolf Loeber’s Downing’s and Winthrop’s plantation in Ireland: the preamble to the New England migration

This was to be chapter 4 entitled ‘The Acquisition of the Manor of Mountrath’ [Queen’s Co. | Laois]

Another typescript from same entitled ‘A Book of Confiscations and Conveyances’ submitted to the journal of the Irish Economic and Social History Society in 1986.  A typescript of some 14 pp

An 18 pp typed copy of manuscript entitled ‘Certain Notes and Observations Touching The Deducing and Planting of Colonies’ addressed to the Earl of the North Hampton Lord Privy Seal (British Library Cotton MS Titus BX, ff 402–409)

Envelope entitled ‘Sheffield City Libraries’ containing a photograph of the Harbour of Baltimore, Co. Cork, from on high. The view is probably as of c.1600. From an endorsement on the envelope there may be a reference to this in the Calendar of Patent Rolls Ireland James I, pp 107–108