B 174661

Folders containing working papers for the publication of the Muster Roll of 1630–1631

There is a folder for all counties except Cavan

There is a yellow folder with the caption ‘Muster Roll Introduction’ approx. 20 loose papers and notes including printed statistical summary of the Muster Roll returns pp 332–337. It is not specified if this was actually published. The material is arranged by undertaker with a listing of the number of men returned in each estate or proportion along with the number of swords, pikes, muskets, calavers, snaphances and halberds. The total of men’s names listed for the province of Ulster is 13,092.

There is a handwritten note on an envelope stating that the 795 names in Co. Cavan took 14 pages in print so the total would be about 227 pages plus introduction, notes, illustrations equals 250 pages plus an index

In the notes it is stated that in the return for Co. Antrim church lands were omitted and no details were provided for Belfast or Carrickfergus. In Co. Down the population living on church lands were included under other estates

The copy of the original manuscript is in the British Library ADD. 4770

Photocopies of the original MS included in the folders of each county as well as typescript copy of the MS held in PRONI (T|934|1)

Rev. David Stewart: also pen and ink transcript of the original MS and this is held in PRONI, ref D|1759|3C|3

Co. Antrim folder includes a copy of the original MS ff 145–176 and a copy of Rev. David Stewart’s transcript

There is a printed copy of a summary of the return for Co. Antrim on p 335 … unidentified published version of the survey (pp 332–337)

It was noted that the summary return for Co. Antrim giving the names of 1,618 men does not include details for either Carrickfergus or Belfast or church lands

Co. Armagh

Xerox copy of T.G.F. Paterson’s edition of the Muster Roll for Co. Armagh published in Seanchas Ardmacha in 1970 pp 401–417

There is also a copy of the typed transcript of the Muster Roll for Co. Armagh in T|934|1

In the printed summary of the returns p 332 there are 902 names of men for Co. Armagh and 795 for Co. Cavan

Co. Down

Xerox copy of the original MS ff 203–268: handwritten transcript in pen and ink and 4 pages of notes

In the summary version of the return which may have been published (p 336) the total for Co. Down is 4,045 men which is the highest total for Ulster

On the same page the summary total for Co. Donegal was 1,258

Co. Fermanagh

Copy of the typescript T|934|1 ff 46–71 with annotations and corrections. The changes are mainly the extension of Christian names given in summary form such as Robt or Thos but there are occasional annotations such as ‘possible Norfolk names’

On page 90 of the typescript it is noted that James Slack on the list was a witness to the will of James Hatton (National Archives Ireland RC2|28p–)

On page 95 barony of Knockninny: Lawrence Knowles a physician and the reference is given as MS 835 ff 11–11v

On page 103 there is an unusual surname Ossenbrooke, which appears twice and it is queried whether their muster was taken twice because they held lands in two different estates or whether two different individuals were involved

Co. Londonderry|Derry

Photocopy of the original manuscript 119–144 along with a pen and ink transcript by R.J.H. …?

Note: change folio – the starting folio is 103 instead of 119

Copy of a typed version of the return by Charles D. Trimble of 35 Abbey Street, Armagh from a handwritten transcript by Robert Colville Lyons, Tunbridge Wells, England, second son of William Thomas Bristow Lyons of Brookhill, Co. Antrim. He was the younger brother of William Henry H. Lyons of Richmond Lodge, Strandtown, Co. Down. The typescript was prepared in 1927.

The total number of names of men for Co. Londonderry was 1,930

There are 6 pp of R.J.H. MS notes

Co. Tyrone

Typescript of ff 72–104 (T|934|1) with occasional annotations

At the entry for Francis Caporne there is a handwritten note on the back of the typescript stating that Thomas Capron merchant of Dublin had an interest in the Bann fishery, National Archives CP|A39, 168; T91

There is a handwritten transcript of part of f. 72 of the MS listing some of the men mustered by the undertaker Sir James Erskin. In the typed version there is an entry for Peter Realy but in the handwritten transcript by R.J.H. this appears as Petter Realye

In the printed summary of the return for Cos Fermanagh, Tyrone and Londonderry there were 1,538 men for Co. Tyrone, 913 men for Co. Fermanagh and 1,782 for Co. Londonderry

pp 333–334

Co. Donegal

Xerox copy of R.J.H. article on ‘The settler population of an Ulster county’ published in the Donegal Annual (1972) pp 124–154: this publishes a full transcript of the Muster Roll with an introduction and 41 footnotes. In the file there is also the original handwritten transcript and a typed version

For Co. Donegal there were 1,258 men’s names

Co. Monaghan

Handwritten transcript of ff 270–275 of the original manuscript entitled ‘The Outrising Of The Co. of Monaghan’

There were 5 returns for individuals with Gaelic surnames such as McMaughen [McMahon]. Also a Neill McKenna providing 4 foot and 2 horse out of his outrisings.

R.J.H. writes ‘Whereas in the other counties the names are almost exclusively settler, in Monaghan native Irish outrisings accounted for [20] out of a total county of 93