B 174660

[file|folder ?] relating to Ulster c.1520–c.1600; 10 pages of MS notes

Copies of State Papers Ireland c.1530

Catherine Simms article on late medieval Donegal 29 pp

[King’s Council ?] in Ireland in reign of Richard II 1392–1393 by Rev. James Graves (1877)

List of P[rerogative] C[ourt] C[anterbury] wills for surnames Wallop and Wake(?)

Typed version of Abbott’s tour from the Causeway to Ballyshannon in 1792

10 page typed transcript by Chris Woods with copy of the manuscript

Abbotts dates were (1757–1827)

Xerox copy of pp 314–416 of McCarthy-Murrough’s Ph.D. thesis London (1983) on the Plantation in Munster; xeroxes of pages from Calendars State Papers of Ireland c.1550–1640 with annotations