B 174659

Files of working papers for R.J.H.’s article on John Robinson Leebody (1840–1927) for publication in the Royal Irish Academy’s Dictionary of Irish Biography

Leebody was Professor of Mathematics at Magee College and President of the college 1891–1927. He was much involved in the Government’s establishment of a School of Art in Derry in 1874. Leebody was a keen supporter of women being offered university education

File titles include, Introduction; publications (2 files), press cuttings

A copy editor at RIA altered final draft submitted

There is a handwritten note from Bob ‘I was amazed that the copy editor was so poor as a scholar. I think that those kinds of parasitic people should be made to highlight the alterations that they wish to impose that error must be corrected!’

21 page typescript article by Joyce Senders Pedersen entitled ‘Venting Tradition|Coping with change: the Women’s Colleges in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century Cambridge’.

Blue file entitled ‘J.J. Shaw’; he was Professor of Metaphysics and Ethics appointed 1869 resigned 1878 died 1910. Shaw was much influenced by English thinkers including John Stewart Mill and describes reading him [Mills] in the Linen Hall Library in Belfast in 1860