B 174656

Xerox copies of articles in:

Donegal Annual

The Irish Sword

The Ulster Journal Of Archaeology

Ulster Folk Life

Clogher Record


Article describing the ordination of priest in Derry in 1590 edited by Prof F.X. Martin and published in the Clogher Record 1968

Hiram Morgan’s ‘The End Of Gaelic Ulster: A Thematic Interpretation Of Events Between 1534 & 1610’ possibly published in Irish Historical Studies

Article ‘Shane O’Neill Comes To The Court Of Elizabeth’ included in a festschrift publication for “Torna” published in Cork 1947 edited by Seamus Pender

Original letters in the Irish and Latin languages by Shane O’Neill Prince of Tyrone and proclamation of high treason against him by Queen Elizabeth published in the Ulster Journal Of Archaeology (1857)

The Earl of Essex’s ‘Enterprise For The Recovery Of Ulster’ UJA (1861–2)

Publication ‘Mementos Of Mortality’ by Tim Robinson subtitle is the cenotaphs and funerary cairns, Inishmore, Co. Galway (one of the Aran islands)

Pamphlet entitled ‘Presbyterianism Politics And Poetry In Nineteenth Century Ulster: Aspects Of An Ulster Scots Literary Tradition’ by Ivan Herbison published by the Institute of Irish Studies QUB 2001

Bound thesis for an MA admitted to University College Cork in 1969 by Sister Mary Assumpta O’Neill. The title is ‘The Diocese Of Waterford 1096–1363’ (163 pp + appendices)