B 174655

Large collection of xerox copies of scores of articles by academic friends including Prof N. Canny [now Vice President University College Galway] including:

‘Hugh O’Neill: Earl of Tyrone and the changing face of Gaelic Ulster’ (published about 1971 when Prof N. Canny was at the University of Pennsylvania)

‘Why the Reformation failed in Ireland’ (Journal of Ecclesiastical History 1979)

‘The formation of the Irish mind: religion, politics and Gaelic Irish literature 1580–1750’ (Past and Present)

‘Edmund Spencer and the development an Anglo-Irish identity’ (Year book of English studies vol. 13 1983)

David Beers Quin: ‘James I and the beginnings of empire in America’ (paper given at the Anglo-American historical conference July 1973)

Rev. Brendan Bradshaw: ‘Cromwellian reform and the origins of the Kildare rebellion 1533–34’ (the Alexander Prize Essay published Transactions Royal Historical Society c.1976)

Photocopies of a series of articles published in the Ulster Journal of Archaeology (1857–1860) on Sir Henry Sidney’s memoir of his government in Ireland 1583: also includes Military Proclamation and the Irish laws issued by Hugh O’Neill, Earl of Tyrone in 1601 (UJA 1858 pp 57–65)

The plantation of Leix and Offaly including listing of proprietors … Commission of enquiry 1622 (now published by the Irish Manuscripts Commission)

The survey of Offaly in 1550 published in Hermathena (1930)

Hiram Morgan: ‘The colonial venture of Sir Thomas Smith in Ulster 1571–1574’ published Historical Journal 1985 (another copy B 174636)

Steven Ellis: ‘The Kildare rebellion and the early Henrician reformation’ published Historical Journal 1976

H.F. Kearney: ‘Ecclesiastical politics and the counter reformation in Ireland 1618–1648’ (Journal of Ecclesiastical History 1960)

Rev. Brendan Bradshaw: ‘The Elizabethans and the Irish’

Review of N. Canny’s The Elizabethan’s Conquest of Ireland 1565–1576 (published Sussex 1976) (pp 39–49) [no title]

‘Cathal Og Mac Maghnusa and Annals of Ulster’ by Aubrey Gwynn edited by Nollaig O’Muraile published by the McManus Clan Association, Enniskillen 1998