B 174654

Mainly transcripts of the Muster Roll of 1630–1631 listing the names of Protestant men aged 16–60 arranged by barony or undertakers estates.

[R.J.H. discussed publication of this material quite often with William Roulston]

In the Donegal Annual of 1972 (pp 124–154) he published a text of the Muster Roll for Co. Donegal entitled ‘The Settler Population Of An Ulster County’, transcript with an introduction and 41 footnotes handwritten and typescript versions …

Co. Down

(green folder)? xerox copy of the original manuscript in the British Library ff 203–268, 4,045 names

Co. Antrim

Xerox copy of original MS ff 145–176 with 6 pages of manuscript notes by way of introduction

(there were 4 pages of notes for same for Co. Down)

Similar list for Co. Antrim 1618 (possibly only for the Carrickfergus and Belfast areas which were not covered in the Muster Roll of 1630–1631)

Co. Armagh

T.G.F. Paterson published an edition of the Muster Roll of 1630–31 for Co. Armagh in Seanchas Ardmacha c.1970 (pp 401–417; copy of typescript of section of T|934|1 in PRONI)

Co. Fermanagh

Typescript of T|934|1 ff 46–71 with annotations … reference to James Slack witness to James Hatton’s will in National Archives of Ireland (RC 2|28 p. ?)

p. 95 Knockninny … Lawrence Knowles (MS 835 ff 11)

Co. Tyrone

T|934|1 ff 72–104