B 174649

Files of correspondence with colleagues including:

Conor Brady; R.J.H. may have been an external examiner for his Ph.D. thesis submitted TCD 1980 entitled ‘The Government of Ireland, 1556–1578’

The file includes a copy of the typescript pp 240–451 and pp 104–105

In front there are 7 pp of R.J.H. handwritten notes on the text

File entitled ‘Alan Ford: Ulster Chapter’ this is a typescript (35 pp) single spacing entitled ‘The Mission of the Protestant Church in Ulster c.1603–c.1630’; 176 footnotes probably already published

File entitled ‘John McCavitt’ including typescript article: ‘The Flight of the Earls 1607’

Also copies of some pages of a typescript (probably a thesis for which R.J.H. was an external examiner), pp 159–163, pp262–303, 536–542

File Jane H. Ohlmeyer

Letter 16/11/1990 just after viva for her thesis on the Marquis of Antrim. She includes copies of the pre-1641 chapters in which R.J.H. had expressed an interest and also copies of two articles on Irish privateers

File entitled ‘K.W. Nicholls’ including copy of second draft of an article for inclusion in a new history of Ireland entitled ‘Gaelic Society and Economy c.1200–1534’ approx. 150 pp typescript with many annotations

File entitled K[atherine] Simms transcript of seven chapters from a book or thesis

Typescript of a lecture entitled ‘Change and Development in Gaelic Society from the Brehon Laws to the Ulster Plantation’

Files entitled ‘American Contacts (A|15)’ and historical correspondence, addresses (A|15)

Also xerox copy of history of the Doty|Doten family in America; descendents of Edward Doty an emigrant by the Mayflower 1620 published Brooklyn 1897 …..