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Nearly half of this box contains working papers for the article John Francton printer and the book of Common Prayer in Irish; numerous off prints of published articles including:

Sir Ralph Bingley c.1570–1627: Ulster Planter

Ulster Plantation Towns 1609–41: included in The Town in Ireland published by Appletree Press Belfast, 1981

‘Libraries And Archives Ireland’ by C.J. Woods and R.J.H. [history 1973?]

There are two files concerning R.J.H. publications in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography:

[blue file] Working papers

[yellow file]  Off prints of the published articles:

Caulfeild Toby, 1st Baron Caulfeild of Charlemont (c.1565–1627), soldier, politician and landowner

Sir William Cole (c.1576–1653), army officer and landowner in Ulster

James Hamilton 1st Viscount Claneboye, planter in Ulster (c.1560–1644)

Sir Lambart [Lambert] Oliver, 1st Baron Lambart of Cavan (c.1560–1618); soldier and administrator

O’Cahan Sir Donnell Ballagh died c.1626 chieftain

Paulet Sir George (1553–1608) administrator

These 6 articles were published in 2004 (Oxford DND)

[grey folder] including copies of some book reviews by R.J.H. including:

Philip Robinson’s The Plantation of Ulster’: British Settlement In Irish Landscape 1600–1670 published by Gill & McMillan in 1984 … the review ends ‘it is a pity that his publisher should have presented his important maps on such a terribly reduced scale, left out the town names which would have made map 12 intelligible, denied him a bibliography and restricted his footnotes to the minimum’

Multiple copies of off-prints of articles on Sir Ralph Bingley | Library and Archives in Ireland | Ulster plantation towns 1609–1641 | 2 early 17th century maps Co. Donegal.

Review of vol. 1 of the Bishopric of Derry and the Irish Society of London 1602–1705, 130 pp Dublin 1968

R.J.H.’s review of Irish University Press reprint (1970) of Rev. George Hill’s Plantation of Ulster, 623 pp

R.J.H.’s review of Margaret MacCurtain’s Tudor and Stuart Ireland Dublin 1972

(blue folder) Working papers DNB article on Sir Donnell O’Cahan

(green folder) Chester and the Irish book trade 1681

Article ‘Scotland And The Atlantic: The Voyage Of The Janet Of Leith’ December 1611 published in the Mariner’s Mirror vol. 79 no. 1 (February 1993)

Port books for Leith – the port of Edinburgh which had a considerable international trade have a gap between 1528 and 1612 and another until the 1620s

The opening sentence refers to the vast collection of port books preserved in the Public Record Office London (ref E 190).

There are Scottish equivalents The Customs Books but these survive much more sparsely.

Copy of a typed script entitled ‘Plantations’ published in the Oxford Companion to Irish Literature published by O.U.P., c.1993

One caption on the folder refers to ‘Little Publications’: these include a short essay on the county contributed by R.J.H. to a Companion To Irish Culture published by Blackwell c.1991

Another article for which there is a xerox copy entitled the ‘The Water Bastion And Urban Renewal In Derry’ published in the Foyle Civic Trust Review issues no. 1 (spring 1990) (p. 3)