B 174636

Large collection of off prints of published articles sent to R.J.H. by his academic friends

Six of these are from Prof David Beers Quinn of Liverpool University including:

Edward Walshe’s ‘conjectures’ concerning the state of Ireland [1552]

Historical revision; Henry VIII in Ireland 1509–1534

Additional Sidney State Papers 1566–1570

The above three were published in Irish Historical Studies in 1947–1961 (probably 1970’s)

Ireland and sixteenth century European expansion … (papers read before the second Irish conference of historians), published London 1958

Sir Thomas Smith (1513–1577) and the beginnings of English Colonial theory (Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society vol. 89 no. 4 (1945)

‘The Munster plantation: problems and opportunities’ Cork Historical and Archaeological Society 1966

Government Printing and Publication of the Irish Statutes in the 16th Century (Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy 1943)

Renaissance influence and English colonization (Transactions of the Royal Historical Society 1976)

William Montgomery and the description of the Ards 1683 (pp 29–43– no title)

Nicolas P. Canny: ‘The Ideology of English Colonization from Ireland to America’ (William and Mary Quarterly 1973)

Hiram Morgan: ‘The End of Gaelic Ulster: thematic interpretation of events between 1534 and 1610’ Irish Historical Studies 1988

An article by Hiram Morgan ‘The Colonial Venture of Sir Thomas Smith In Ulster 1571–1575’ published The Historical Journal 1985 (another copy B 174655)

T.W. Moody: ‘The Irish Parliament under Elizabeth and James I: a general survey’ (RIA 1939)

D.A. Chart: ‘The break up of the estate of Con O’Neill, Castlereagh, Co. Down Temp. James I’ (1942)

Victor Treadwell: ‘The Irish Parliament of 1569–71’ (Proceedings RIA 1966)

Victor Treadwell: ‘Sir John Perrot and the Irish Parliament 1585–6’ (Proceedings RIA 1985)

Rolf Loeber: ‘Sculptured memorials to the dead in early 17th century Ireland’ (Proceedings RIA 1981)

Copy of Rev. David Stewart’s ‘The Scots In Ulster: Their Denization And Naturalization, 1605–1634’ published by the Presbyterian Historical Society Belfast 1954 (reprinted UHF Familia 1995)

Xerox copy of W.B. Stephens article on the overseas trade of Chester in the early 17th century

Booklet (72 pp) entitled ‘Dunfanaghy’s Presbyterian Congregation And Its Times’ by C.W.P. McArthur (1978)

Valeria Morgan: ‘Church of Ireland Registers of St Patrick’s Coleraine a source for pre- famine population’ (Ulster Folk Life 1973)

Philip Robinson: ‘British Settlement in Co. Tyrone 1610–1666’ possibly Irish Social and Economic History Society Journal, pp 5–26

Xerox copy of an article which R.J.H. contributed to The Bann Disc, journal of the Coleraine Historical Society vol. 4 1998, pp 8–22 on the subject of Archibald Stewart’s Report and map of Coleraine 1738 and 1758

Offprint of Keith J. Lindley’s article ‘The Impact Of The 1641 Rebellion Upon England And Wales 1641–5’ (Irish Historical Studies 1968)

Peter J. Piveronus Junior: ‘Sir Warham St Leger and the first Munster Plantation 1568–9’, pp 15–36

Steven Ellis: ‘The Collapse of the Gaelic World 1450–1650’ (I.H.S. 1990?)

Colin Thomas: ‘Family formation in the Colonial City of Londonderry 1650–1750’ (Proceedings RIA 2000)

Sean Connolly: ‘Dreaming History’: article on Brian Friels play Translations published in Theatre Ireland 13 (1987) ‘it puts forward a crude portrayal of cultural and military imperialism visited on passive victims … it is not Friel’s reading of history that limited his achievement but the poverty of the artistic resources he brings to the task, substituting caricature and political cliché for the recreation of experience’

Aidan Clarke: ‘Colonial identity in early 17th century Ireland’ (Historical Studies XI) pp 57–71 (Belfast 1978)

Aidan Clarke: ‘Colonial constitutional attitudes in Ireland 1640–1660’ (Proceedings RIA 1990)

Aidan Clarke: ‘Ireland and the [  ?  ] crisis’ (Past and Present no. 48 1970, pp 79–99)

Aidan Clarke: ‘The Earl of Antrim and the first Bishops war’ (The Irish Sword 1963–4)

Aidan Clarke: ‘The Atherton file’ (Decies X1 1979 9 pp)

Nicholas Canny: ‘Why the Reformation failed in Ireland’ (Journal of Ecclesiastical History 1979)

Nicholas Canny: ‘Dominant minorities: English settlers in Ireland and Virginia 1550–1650’ (typescript 31 pp double spacing)

Patrick J. Duffy: ‘Evolution (?) of estate property in South Ulster 1600–1900’ (typescript 21 pp double spacing)

The Ulster Plantation by R.J. Hunter and Raymond Gillespie 14 pp typescript double spacing