B 174633

Letters and photocopies of documents particularly Treasurer At Wars accounts for Ireland held in the National Archives, London

Substantial sets of photocopies of the declared accounts c.1590–c.1630 available elsewhere

Apart from listing payments of wages to … the armed forces these accounts include an extraordinary payment section which can include payments for intelligence

R.J.H. has made MS note from the original record as well as making some photocopies

[yellow folder] Bishop William Bedell

Bishop Bedell (1571–1642) was born at Black Notley in Essex

In 1626 he was elected Provost of Trinity College Dublin and in 1629 was presented to the Bishoprics of Kilmore and Ardagh … these were two of the poorest [sees] in Ireland

Conscientious Bedell resigned one of them Ardagh

When the rebellion broke out in 1642 the Bishop at first did not feel the violence of its effects for the very rebels had conceived a great affection for him and they declared he should be the last Englishman they would drive out of Ireland

Eventually he was imprisoned for some 3 weeks and died soon afterwards on 09/02/1642

The Irish did him the unusual honour at his burial, for the chief of the rebels gathered their forces together and with them accompanied his body to the churchyard

[mauve file] John Woodhouse

… handwritten note of a memo probably written about 26 May 1654 stating that John Woodhouse alias Wid[d]ower late of Dublin in Ireland but dying in the parish of St Clement Dane’s Co. Middlesex proved 4 July 1654

Copy of a printed version of the will of Sir Thomas Gresham (c.1519–1579) printed in London 1765

[green file] Wexford Plantation

Includes a handwritten essay by Laura Macfarlane on the Plantation in Wexford in the Reign of James I

Copy of a typed article by Rolf Loeber on the lost castles of the Co. Wexford plantation

Makes reference to W.F. Butler’s confiscation in Irish history – the plantations of Wexford published in Studies[?] in September 1915 (pp 411–427)

Folders containing handwritten research notes and photocopies including Gilbert MSS in Dublin City Library.

St Finbarre’s Cathedral Cork.

University College Cork.

Cork Courthouse MSS

Also folders containing research notes on early 17th century customs records.