B 174632

Folders containing photocopies and handwritten transcripts of documents in the National Archives, London

There are three folders specifically marked SP63 that is State Papers Ireland including:

Yellow folder of xeroxes (10 pp) of SP63|225

Project for the Plantation of Tyrone with 5 pp of pencilled notes

(red folder) ‘SP63|226 with 7 pp pencilled notes reference to proportion of servitors in Co. Tyrone – 1609’

(blue folder) ‘SP63|227 – [230] xerox copies of SP63|228 ff 135–137 … Lord Deputy’s remembrances on the plantation of Ulster 14|3|1609|1610 with approx. 40 pp pencilled research notes SP63|227–230’

(red folder) ‘Philadelphia Papers’ Royal and other letters and this is entitled ‘Correspondence Irish Government 1592–1610’. This volume with 4 others at one time forming part of the Irish archives was restored to the British Nation by the Library Company of Philadelphia, USA, 4/3/1867. PRO 31|8|199 50 pp

Xerox copies of the MS and 5 pp of pencilled research notes

(red folder) ‘SP68 Commonwealth Exchequer Papers’

Musters of regiments 1643 long lists of names … barely legible in the photocopy

Possibly a full transcript of the MS in pencil

(red folder) ‘SP94’ State Papers Spain SP94|14 ff 179–[239]

Xerox copies of selection of original MS with 30 pp of pencilled research notes

(green folder) ‘PRO SO C 66’ approx. 50 pp pencilled notes. Papers of the signet office c.1610–c.1630; docquets and patents publicising in England a scheme for the Plantation of Ulster. R.J.H. comments on the importance of this source because of the loss of the Privy Council records

(blue folder) PRO Inquisitions post mortem relating to counties Armagh, Donegal, Cavan, Fermanagh approx. 40 pp pen and ink notes

(red folder) ‘Stac 8’

Stac 8 is the National Archives London reference number for Star Chamber Papers approx. 20 pp handwritten notes documents c.1603–c.1620. Surnames include Blunt and Castleton

(red folder) ‘E134’ etc, E404; PSO5

Xerox copy of a page (E157|17) with a pencilled transcript entitled ‘Licences to [pass] beyond the seas’

f. 1 Chester 1 April 1632–30 April 1632

Full names and locations for approx. 36 individuals, 6 from Dublin, 8 from Londonderry, 6 from Carrickfergus, 2 from Belfast plus 2 ‘Malone’ and 3 ‘Maserend’ approx. 15 pp pencilled research notes

(blue folder) ‘HCA High Court of Admiralty

Xerox copies (approx. 10 pp) from HCA 1|48 dated c.1615 10 xeroxes of HCA 14|41 some 30 pp pencilled notes

HCA Archive HCA1–HCA14

(blue folder) BL [British Library] ‘Recognizances’

Add. MS 19838 Recognizances 1605–1609; some 30 pp research notes mainly in pen

(red folder) ‘BL lists 20 pp of notes from the card catalogue of MSS c.1600–c.1815

(blue folder ‘British Library Royal MSS’

8 pp xerox copies of MS proposals for improvements in Ireland by Richard Spert c.1610

Approx. 10 pp handwritten notes including a note on Francisco Tarafa, priest and writer born in Catalonia Spain

(blue folder) ‘Chancery’

Some 40 pp pencilled extracts from surviving Chancery proceedings in the National Archives Dublin c.1579–c.1621

(blue folder) ‘PRO-Courts C2|James I’

Approx. 50 pp pencilled notes on Chancery records in the National Archives Dublin concerning planters Adwick, Bingley, [Bl]ount, Barnes, Sir Robert Cross, Sir William Harman, Sir Henry Helmes, Sir William Monson, F. Sacheverall

Envelope: British Library Royal MS

Copies of MS 18A L111 ff 8–20 written by John Bell, vicar of Christchurch c.1597

(red folder) ‘Undertakers: servitors later owners’

Mainly IGI searches for Adwick, Aldridge, Amias, Sir Edward Bagshaw, Peter Benson on Sir Henry Clare’s estate Donegal, Robert Harrington, Sir Robert Newcomen, Sir Henry Peirce, Charles Waterhouse etc.