B 174628

Half of the box contains photocopies of published material for counties such as Staffordshire, Suffolk, Surrey, etc.

Blue folder containing papers concerning Ph.D thesis of Brendan J.J. Fitzpatrick on ‘The Municipal Corporation of Dublin 1603–1640’ for which R.J.H. acted as external examiner

Xerox copy of inscriptions on monuments in Christchurch Cathedral published 1878 pp 70–77

[fawn.folder] ‘Irish language’ including typescript of essay by Gerard O’Brien ‘The strange deaths of the Irish Language 1780–1800’ 25 pp including 92 footnotes

Also copy of Irish Times review of Dermot McGuinne’s Irish Type Design: history of printing types in the Irish character published 25 July 1992

[blue folder] containing handwritten transcript of Derry Port Books 1613–1615 in Leeds Reference Library, including supportive letter from Donald Woodword of the University of Hull 23 June 1971. He commends the accuracy of transcription and hopes that R.J.H. will be able to get the material published approx. 100 pp of notes on Plantation settlers in Derry

Handwritten essay on the town of Strabane (32 pp) probably published since precise instructions are given by copy editor. Publication possibly in the pamphlet on the history of plantation in the barony of Strabane

[green folder] ‘The Pale’: half of the book is taken up with photocopies of printed and manuscript sources (mainly wills) of planter families

Xerox copy of an article ‘Why Ireland Belongs To England’ and three prose versions of Secreta Secretorum pp 184–187 published London 1898

Names annotated on folders include:




Approx. [20] photocopies PCC wills [15]70–1646

Maunsell of Derryvillane, Co. Cork

Walker of Nether Stowey Somerset

Including approx. 8 pp photocopies of wills Whorwood of Staffordshire

There are also papers on the Laird family of Boggstown near Londonderry

Including a copy of the will of Richard Laird 1797 probated London 15/2/1798

The papers include letters from researchers in Australia and USA

There are photocopies of 7 wills only one with a caption being that of Sir Francis Goston of the parish of St Giles without Cripplegate London probated 7/10/1628

Ref PRO B 11|154 ff 225–227

Four page typescript of Raymond Gillespie’s review of Philip Robinson’s The Plantation of Ulster published Dublin 1984

Xerox of a 4 page letter to the Lords Justices of Ireland touching the government of the country by Sir John Perrott (apparently not from State Papers Ireland)

Copy of Toby Barnard’s review in the Irish Times of David Dickson’s Old World Colony: Cork and South Munster 1630–1830 published 23 April 2005