B 174624

R.J.H.’s notebooks of lectures given at TCD where he was an undergraduate c.1957–c.1960 including Prof Moody’s lectures on Parnell

Also includes 3 files of handwritten notes probably compiled when he started lecturing at Magee College

…Tudor England 1485–1603 (117 pp)

Followed by England in the 17th century (pp 118–180)

18th and 19th centuries are covered on pp 190–191 … 299

Some duplication in the page numbering

One file includes a list of signatures of some 25 students who were probably in attendance at the lectures probably in the early 1960s

There is a loose leaf notebook arranged alphabetically starting with Bodley J. … Lecale Co. Down published in UJA Vol. 2 (1854) … to John O’Donovan’s note on bawns in UJA Vol. 6 (1858)

Copy of a duplicated typescript entitled ‘A Dubliner Remembers’ (pp 25–34)

… R.J.H. and W.H. Cox … recorded an interview with a night watchman that they met by chance in Botany Bay, TCD