B 174616

[fat red folder] ‘Algeo and Catholics at Strabane’

Xerox copies of an article on Catholic marriages in Scotland in the 16th century by Margaret Sanderson and an article by Allan McInnes ‘Catholic Recusancy & The Penal Laws 1603–1707’

Xeroxes of J. Eric Hunt’s English and Welsh crucifixes 1670–1[7]50 (SPCK 1956)

3 Pages of MS notes on pp 1–92

Marion Boyd Dowager Countess of Abercorn and Thomas Algeo her servant

Copies of articles on the history of Paisley including ‘Paisley Abbey in the 16th century’by John Durkan taken from The Innes Review, pp 110–126

Photographs of the Algeo crucifix at Artigarvin Bridge 1614

Article on crucifixion plaques at Ardcarn and Cloonshanville, Co. Roscommon by Martin Timony

Two photographs of same at Turlough near Castlebar, Co. Mayo

Approx. 100 pp of IGI searches for Yorkshire families Consterdine, Downes, Lewes, Parrott, Wall and W[isler?]

Approx. 50 pp xeroxes of article in UJA vol. 4 (1856)

Blue plastic file containing some 350 items in alphabetical order taken from the Chancery Pleadings surviving in the National Archives Dublin (2 copies) c.1583–c.1636

Ref CP|A–CP|D probably includes wills since there are inventories of property of individuals c.1580–

CH2|294|1 9 pp of pencilled notes … James Earl of Abercorn Papist at Paisley and Claud Algeo fugitive to Ireland c.1604–c.1627

[blue file] ‘RJ Hunter’

Containing xerox copies and approx. 50 pp MS notes on planters arranged by English county including Rutland, Sussex, Staffordshire, Cheshire, Devonshire, Nottinghamshire, Norfolk. Surnames include Bagenal, Bingley, Chichester, Harrington, Pollard, Ridgeway

Approx. 50 pp loose notes on individual planters Sir Robert Cross, Fish, Muskett, Roche, Remingtonell

30 pp xerox copies of Sir John Davies, John Barnwell and folder concerning Sir Henry Docwra and 1609 maps

(green folder) ‘Sir Henry Docwra’ includes copies of 8 Docwra wills in England

Tattered photocopy of map by James Leonard of the demesne or mensal lands of the Church of Ireland see of Clogher 1745, 14 plantation perches to an inch

Records of Star Chamber James I Stac 8 some 40 pp of MS notes; surnames includes Barwell, Barlowe, Dillon, Stanton and Watkins

List of Scottish ministers in Ulster 1603–1625 based on visitation 1622 approx. 65 names. This appears published somewhere on pages 363–365, appendix F

R.J.H. note on the 1609 map particularly for counties Armagh and Cavan

TCD folder approx. 50 pp (A4) and some cards containing notes from a receipt book 1625–1680

Inquisition c.1628 some 30 pp of MS notes for counties Armagh and Cavan