B 174611

Approx. 50 IGI searches: ancestors of planter families in Co. Tyrone including:






Individuals with relevance for the estates of Caulfeild, Hastings and Mervin

(grey folder) IGI searches and handwritten notes on the Hart|Hare family of Culmore (family originated in Highgate London and also Suffolk and Kent )

Capt Henry Hart was involved in Docwra’s expedition to Lough Foyle in 1600; as a servitor he got grants of land in the adjoining areas of Co. Donegal

Printed report of Kathleen Whitton’s research on the family ‘An Irish Family History’ portraits and biographical of the Harts, Youngs and related families (2003)

Sir Toby Caulfeild: D.N.B.: working papers for D.N.B entry

Sir Toby Caulfeild: for Staunton connection see Staunton

Magee Obituaries: papers include copies of local newspapers containing obituaries of Trustees who died c.1858–1899 and professorial staff 1870–1890 including names like Dill, Witherow, Bigger, McMaster etc.

Two folders containing photocopies of Magee Presbyterian College annual reports and calendars c.1866–c.1900 with some MS notes (these must be held on deposit in PRONI with the reference given as D|2035|2|10–

File of loose papers re University of Ulster student dissertations