B 174605

Files for each of the nine counties of Ulster entitled Church Monuments and Gravestones

Photocopies of inscriptions published in the Memorials of the Dead series c.1900–c.1910

File for Co. Tyrone includes approx. 50 pp of MS notes pp 2–3 of a typed article entitled ‘Hunter ‘Bible and B[awn]’ this is part of an article on Rev. Edward Hatton one of 19 ‘painful preachers’ English and Scottish to be employed in Ulster

One of these, ‘the subject of this chapter was the Rev. Edward Hatton …’

General file ‘Monuments and Gravestones’ and blue file ‘Gravestones: bibliography and correspondence’ including letter from Dan Patterson of University of North Carolina 1996 about their visit ‘our two key problems was the shortness of our stay and the shyness of the sun. I was nowhere able to see stones that I recognised as being unquestionably the source of the traditions immigrants brought here, though there are armorial markers from the Larne|Carncastle school that seem somewhat similar to the Bigham work’