B 174604

Contains R.J.H.’s handwritten (pen) transcript of port books of Londonderry Customs 03/1614–03/1615 45 pp (A4)

[red portfolio] Analysis of the Derry Port Books listing products delivered by ships for certain clients starting with the Earl of Abercorn for whom there were 7 entries 1614–15 (only one 1615)

Alderman Banckes             7 entries 1613–1615

The material is arranged alphabetically Abercorn–Yeoman

Coleraine Port Books

R.J.H.’s handwritten transcript 1612–1613 approx. 80 pp … paginated and loose in 3 folders

[green portfolio] ‘Coleraine’

No. 2 other versions of same, one 40 pp and another approx. 50 pp

Two other copies of sections items nos 36–71

Large unmarked envelope containing a xerox copy of Coleraine Port Books c.1612–1615 approx. 80 pp


Loose photocopies of Port Book 9/1614–3/1615 approx. 50 pp 18 inches by 12 inches

March 1614–March 1615

Paginated transcript (40 pp) plus 4 loose pages of transcript

Letter from Donald [Woodward] of Hull University June 1972 re Temple Newsam MSS at Leeds

He offers to check the collection at Leeds for the ‘so called’ Wexford Port Books

Large envelope marked Lecale containing approx. 20 pp of handwritten transcript of Port Book 1614–1615

R.J.H.’s handwritten transcripts of entries for the ports Ardglass, Downpatrick, Strangford and Portaferry

[red folder] Port books for Southampton R.J.H.’s notes and transcripts c.1565–c.1620, 20 pp

[red folder] Liverpool c.1565–c.1640 approx. 100 pp R.J.H.’s handwritten transcripts some in ink

[blue folder] Welsh port book material c.1600–c.1620 for the ports of Milford, Swansea, Carnarvon, Cardiff and Chepstow approx. 80 pp including 40 pp for Beaumaris R.J.H.’s transcripts

[red folder] Lancaster c.1605–c.1640 20 pp R.J.H.’s notes and transcripts

3 portfolios containing Chester Port Books 1614–15 and 1630s (R.J.H.’s transcripts)

[blue folder] Port book material for Plymouth Sandwich Deal and Weymouth c.1620–1640 approx. 100 pp

[green folder] ‘Chester and Irish Book Trade 1681’

A dozen drafts of R.J.H.’s article of same in MS and typed

Copy of M. Pollard’s article ‘Control of Printing in Ireland Through the King’s Printer Patent’

[blue folder] Papers acting as external examiner for Ph.D. Thesis of Brendan Fitzpatrick entitled ‘The Municipal Corporation of Dublin 1603–1640’ (TCD ?)

Review of L.M. Cullen’s book Hidden Ireland in Studia Hibernica c.1966

Map of Londonderry 1827 with number properties