B 174603

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Files of working papers for article on John Francton printer of the book of Common Prayer in Irish including incomplete 13 page typescript article by R.J.H. on Francton printer, publisher and book seller in Dublin who died in 1620

Handwritten annotation by the author ‘for draft of BCP in Irish article’

Prints from British Library catalogue concerning titles printed by Francton with annotations and 4 pp MS notes

Titles of files include:

Francton: books published by F. and notes on Proclamations

Francton printing: the rates of merchandizes (Dublin 1608)

Sir John Davies, Le Primer report des cases (Dublin 1615)

An act for the grant of one entire subsidy (Dublin 1615)

Articles of religion (Dublin 1615)

2 files entitled:

Books from England (imported)

Book Trade: Port Book Sources

John Francton: biographical and payments received for printing

Dublin printing: Dermitius Me[ara?] Patholgia … (Dublin 1619)

(yellow folder) Including list of printed proclamations with photocopies

Worcestershire Record Office including papers seeking to locate John Francton printer including a labourer’s inventory

Xerox copy of John Rider’s ‘A friendly caveat to Ireland’s Catholices’ printed Dublin 1602

(yellow folder) marked A|6 ‘John Francton: book of Common Prayer in Irish and notes on Prayer books, New Testament in Irish’, approx. 30 pp