B 174600

(pink folder) ‘TCD Chapter’

Contains a 62 page typescript (double spacing) on the estate of Trinity College Dublin

Earlier draft of this typescript including annotations, corrections and handwritten notes.

Handwritten text of the article (70 pp)

An earlier handwritten version (46 pp) of the estates granted to TCD comprised 7410 profitable plantation acres in Co. Armagh and also extension properties in the barony of Tirhugh, Co. Donegal.  The college was also granted some land in Co. Fermanagh

Box file containing a letter from Rev. Dr Donal Cregan President St Patrick’s College Dublin commenting very favourably on the text of R.J.H.’s thesis loaned him by Prof Moody.  The main purpose of the letter is:

‘ … to say how impressed I have been by your work and how much I have learned from it. I cannot in fact see that you have very much to do to it before publication … I am not sure either that it would be a good thing to re-write for one county only: the inclusion of the two counties makes a useful contrast’.

He offers to publish a slightly shortened version of the chapter on towns in Studia Hibernica.  This letter was dated 25/1/1971.

The title of the thesis seemed to be ‘The Plantation in Ulster with special reference to Counties Armagh and Cavan’

Small files of handwritten notes on each of the counties of Armagh and Cavan.  In each case there is a list of proprietors c.1610–c.1620 and a list of proprietors in 1641.

Handwritten version of chapter 13 of the thesis (33 pp)

Early version of chapter 1 of the thesis partly typed and partly manuscript

Pagination runs to pp 38 but there are at least 50 pages in the open file

Blue file containing handwritten and mainly typed version of chapter 12 of the thesis entitled ‘The Estate of the Archbishopric in Armagh’; this runs to 50 pp

Chapter 10 ‘The Church’ part handwritten and part typed

Envelope containing appendix and Bibliography 60 pp