B 174599

Mainly IGI searches (IM’sA|16|3)

Correspondence re certain demolition of Tillie and Henderson Shirt Factory (approx. 50 pp) R.J.H.’s handwritten notes on A4 sheets

‘English State-Building in early modern Ireland: aims and opposition 1530’s–1640’s by R.J.H. on ½ p. typescript

Typescript (15 pp) entitled Ulster in Transformation c.1500–1641 … with a listing of 12 week lecture course and notes on essays and dissertations.

Titles include:

English State Building

The English in Plantation Ulster: chapter on the native Irish on the estates

Plantation and Property Theory

Diamonds [at the centre of Plantation towns]

Scottish ministers: Ulster as ‘the Crucible of the British problem’. This refers to ministers in ‘old Clanaboy’ now in Cos. Antrim and Down and now very heavily colonised

Scottish surnames: origins of people

Dunlop from near Irvine in Ayrshire (Killen’s history of [Presbyterian] congregations p. 115)

Edmond Leigh, Constable of the ‘Omye’ [Omagh]

Robert Oglethorpe

Captain Ralph Bingley

R.J.H. transcript of Port book for Derry covering items 382–385 [I am adding this to the transcript of same in box 174604]

Xerox copy of essays on early European settlement and exploitation in Atlantic Canada published 1982 Memorial University of Newfoundland with documentary evidence of sixteenth century Basque whaling ships in Labrador and Newfoundland c.1543–

Xerox copies of pages from Calendars State Papers Ireland and Fynes Moryson’s History of Ireland pp 292–297

Booklet entitled A History of Desertcreat Parish Church [Co. Tyrone] (18 pp) probably by the Rector Rev. R.J.N. Porteus

Correspondence with a researcher on the surname Latimer in Ireland

Typescript listing the names of Popish parish priests registered for the county and city of Londonderry (several copies) c.1705