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Undergraduate Dissertations: transcripts in hard folders, subtitles include:

The plantation of Ulster in the baronies of Clanawley, Coole and Tirkennedy, Co. Fermanagh, 1610–1641 by Susan E. Anderson 1977

The plantation of the precinct of Lifford 1608–1641 by John D. Judge 1978

Failure of Spanish Armada in Ireland by Denis S. Macneice 1977

The Reformation in the diocese of Raphoe by J.F. McAnaney 1985

The 1646 Ormonde Peace by James Daly 1987

Similar material in soft covers including:

Sir Arthur Chichester: the foremost English villain in Ulster’s history by William John Moore 1991

[Scheme … ? ] of plantation in the barony of Clogher 1610–1630 by Thomas Taylor

Plantation of Ulster in the barony of Lurg, Co. Fermanagh, 1608–1641 by Philip Barry Keenan

The Ulster Plantationin the Oneilland barony, Co. Armagh by Louise McEneaney 1995