B 174595

Approx. 20 honours under graduate theses (half of them typed – dirty and slightly damaged by damp). These thesis were completed c.1972–98

Plantation studies among the typed theses included: Precinct of Lifford, Co. Donegal by Josephine O’Riordan

Barony of Lurg, Co. Fermanagh by Janet Abraham

Merchant Taylor’s Company and the Plantation c.1607–1630 by [Rose?] McElhone

Titles also include:

The Merchant Geese: Irish Traders in France in the 18th Century especially at Nantes Shona Hefernan(?)

Huguenot contribution to linen industry in Lisburn area by Sarah Hunt(?)

Additional entry on p. 206:

There are at least two other under graduate theses on the subject of the plantation of Port Lough near Raphoe in Co. Donegal. The other students working on this topic were Cynthia Cronin in1972 and Martin T. Jackson.

There was also a thesis by D.B. Marley on Owen Roe O’Neill (1982).

Other topics were the Magennis family of Iveagh and Kilwarlin, Co. Down c.1540–c.1640 (1992) and changes of land ownership in South Down c.1640 (1999).

Bound copy of an MA thesis on the development of the Catholic Church in Derry under the leadership of Bishop Francis Kelly 1849–1889 (1997) by Stephen McLaughlin.