B 174587

Totally miscellaneous loose papers from which I failed to find any of the items listed below.

I noted a list of names of 104 students at the University of Ulster 1995–6 reference H 205

Article on trade with Barcelona in the 17th century; reference to Derry salmon for the Straights [Gibraltar] via Kinsale

Approx. 13 pp typescript (A4 single spacing) on the Lane family of Ballycarton(?) by ‘Diana’; reference to Nicholas Lane servitor and cartographer

Trade with France (La Rochelle and Marseilles) 200 pp

Xerox copy of Fynes Morison’s itinerary (2 vols) 466 pp

Gwynn’s translation of the plantation of the port of Ulster 1546

‘Ulster Religion’ HMC Report on Franciscan MSS