B 174586

c.1630–1631 copy Muster Roll, Co. Cavan (BLADD.MS 4770 ff 3–23)

Typescript with annotations

2 copies of typescript of article on the muster roll c.1630, Co. Cavan, by R.J. Hunter and M. Perceval-Maxwell (2 ½ pp) 12 footnotes

Probably published in Breifne, journal of the Local Historical Society in Co. Cavan, in 1978; also working papers for the article

‘Loughtee (barony of Co. Cavan)’ typescript (50 pp A4 double spacing) entitled ‘The English undertakers in the plantation of Cavan, 1610–1641’; also preliminary drafts of the article probably published in Breifne c.1975

IGI searches for Reeder of Yorkshire, Norfolk, Sugden of Yorkshire etc

Xerox copy original manuscript of allocation of the precinct of Loughtee to English undertakers, 1610 (approx. 15 pp)

Package of handwritten notes (approx. 15 pp) on collection of Newburgh papers in PROI now National Archives Dublin ref M6956

Extracts from Ulster Plantation Papers No. 26 published in Analecta Hibernica VIII (pp 238–242)

[blue folder] ‘schools’.  Surnames of schoolmasters in the Royal Schools and dozens of IGI searches in English counties for surnames of same including Bond, Higginson, Lydiat, Robinson, Starkie etc.

Xerox copy of article by James Buckley on the free schools of Ulster in 1673 (based on Sloane MS 202 in British Library) published in Ulster Journal of Archaeology second series IX (1903) (3 pp)

Xerox copies of some 10 articles in The Foyle College Times in the 1950s on masters of the Free School to 1660.  Also history of the school (Foyle College) 1617–1930.

Copy of W.S. Ferguson’s article on Mathias Springham 1561–1620. No title is given for the book or where this is published. The article appears on pp 194–203 with 92 footnotes. W.S.F. was Vice Principal of Foyle College a founder trustee of the Ulster-Scot Historical Society and honorary City Archivist in Derry.

Xerox copy of part of a pamphlet on the life of John Macnaghton Esq. of Benvarden near Ballymoney, Co. Antrim, born 1722 (3 pp only)

R.J.H. handwritten note (1 p) on ‘a proposal concerning schoolmasters based on Hastings MS (probably in Huntington Library, California). The reference appears to be MSS IV (pp 149–150)

[green folder] ‘the Calverts and Ulster plantation including off print of article by Thomas M Coakley on George Calvert and Newfoundland – in Maryland Historical Magazine 1976

Xerox copies of a series of articles on the Calvert family published in the Maryland Historical Magazine

The Calvert family had an interest in a plantation project at Ferns, Co. Wexford, as well as Baltimore, Maryland

[green folder] ‘Irish Society including Corporation of London Record Office lists’

Schedule of records deposited in the Corporation of London RO 1956 and 1976–6

Typed essay on the Irish Society which appears as a preface in the publication of a Description Book on properties in the city and county of Londonderry which appears to have been published in 1825. The essay was by J.C. Beresford Senior and Junior and comprises 20 pages A4 double spacing.

[blue folder] ‘O’Neilland including Castle Dillon’ [Armagh, Co. Armagh]

Pencil extract survey book of the Manor of Castle Dillon c.1711 addressed to Samuel Molyneux Esquire with pen and ink handwritten notes. The reference for the note appears to be D|M|2|1 but source is not specified.

R.J.H.’s handwritten extracts from a MS in Armagh [Diocesan] Library entitled ‘The title, interest and purchase of the Manor of Castle Dillon in the Barony of O’Neiland, Co. Armagh with copies of the deeds and other papers relating thereto drawn up by me William Molyneaux in the month of December 1696’.  The notes are written on four Magee University College exam folders comprising some 40 pages.

The MS is in ‘Armagh Library’ which is almost certainly the Armagh Church of Ireland Diocesan Public Library. The MS may extend to 250 pages and includes a very full abstract of the will of John Dillon the elder of Castle Dillon who died 1837. This appears on pp 92–94.

Approx. 12 IGI searches with annotations for surnames Fiennes, Heron, Sacheverell? c.1580–c.1620.

Incomplete xerox copy of The Siege And History Of Londonderry edited by John Hempton published Londonderry, Dublin and London 1861; includes the poem LONDERIADOS Commonly Called The Armagh MSS (1790) pp 24–57.

[green folder] ‘Writings of Protestant Ecclesiastics in Ulster (3 pp) and R.J.H.’s pen and ink note entitled ‘Bedell: a Jacobean Bishop in a Caroline setting’.

James Spottiswood

Note by R.J.H. stating that output of churchmen in Ulster and Ireland in sermons and theological works was much smaller than in England. The writers tended to be new English in Ireland with Ussher the conspicuous exception.