B 174584

Photograph albums nos 8 and 9

As well as prints (unidentified) there are the usual collection of negatives with only occasional annotation

At the beginning of Vol. 8 there is a detailed list of photographs for Co. Fermanagh including: Boa Island Heads, Castle Caldwell, Tully Castle

Foundation stone 1688 from an old church, now in the wall of the tower of Inishmacsaint Church of Ireland Church

Castle Archdale … castle at Aghalurcher

These photographs were taken early in the year 2000

In the middle of the volume there are photographs of Enniskillen and in the second quarter of the volume there may be photographs of buildings in Co. Armagh and the latter half probably photographs of buildings in Co. Antrim … usual gravestone inscriptions … the latter include inscriptions for children of Rev. Prof McGaw Magee College who died c.1871

The old Church of Ireland church in the parish of Inishmacsaint Co. Fermanagh was located in the village of Churchill

There is a handwritten note at the beginning of the album saying that the site was found but there were no remains and no gravestones

‘Mr Abercrombie who lives beside it, said that the bell from that church was broken when being removed to the new one and was sent to Dublin to be recast and is still in use’

Album no. 9 … batches of negatives at the beginning of the volume

The first of these carries the caption ‘Derry City Cemetery’ and ‘Co. Antrim’

The next ‘Co. Antrim’; photographs taken January 2002

Photograph of gravestone of William Allingham poet, Shannon, Co. Donegal

Drumcliff, Co. Sligo … photograph 04/01/2003 and developed 19/10/2003

Negatives 8141 with personal collection

Photographs of Donegal Castle October 2003 (negative 8141)
Many detailed photographs of features of Donegal Castle

Batch of negatives 8140

Request for glossy prints (7 inches x 5 inches) of each negatives 0998 containing photographs of Donegal Castle by D. McConaghy: order for glossy prints 7 inches x 5 inches 6 photographs probably of an engraved view of Enniskillen 1757

Envelopes of negatives endorsed ‘Photographs by D. McConaghy’

8 photographs of a painting of a three storey building with surrounding defences created by water with a reflection of the building in the water [possibly Enniskillen]