B 174575

(green folder) ‘Fishmonger’s: people: wills and tenantry index’

Approx. 10 photocopies of wills c.1614–c.1670 including:

Avery Dransfield 1614

James Higgons, Ballykelly, Co. L’derry, gent, c.1635

William Angell Esquire c.1628

Joshua Downing of Northampton town: admon. 22/3/1629|30

John Halsey parish of St Mary Magdalene, Old Fish Street, London, Esquire, 22/11/1633

Calibute Downing of Shennington, Co. Gloucester, gent, Oct. 1644

Henry Rookewood, Ipswich, Suffolk 1653

Abraham Chamberlaine, medicine and clothworker of London 7/10/1654

Francis Kirby 1660

Approx. 30 pp handwritten research notes

(green folder) ‘Fishmonger’s estate including notes from State Papers 63|259, drawings and illustrations

Extracts from published versions of the Civil Survey [1650s], census c.1659 and Chart’s edition of Londonderry and the London Companies including Pynnar’s Survey 1622

Ordnance Survey maps and identifications

(green folder) ‘Goldsmith’s Company A|4’

Approx. 100 pp xerox copies of MS 393 in the archive of the Goldsmith’s Company London. The pagination runs p.353 to p.812. Ends with a survey of the lands of the company by Thomas Raven 1619.

There is a handwritten transcript of some of the document along with a typescript. The only pages available are pp 8 & 20–21; covers a survey of buildings … Peter Benson and John Wooldridge

(yellow folder) ‘Goldsmith’s Company A|4’

The archive of the Goldsmith’s Company held in the Guildhall Library London was filmed by PRONI. The filmed archive includes MS 8729 of the Goldsmith archive described as ‘Miscellaneous Correspondence etc 1614–1732’.

The microfilm reference is B 9|12A

File includes enlarged print from the microfilm copy of MS 8729. This includes a printed pamphlet entitled ‘The Answer of William Warren gent to the printed case of Mr Thompkins and Strong [lessees of the Goldsmith’s proportion]’ approx. 10 pp

Photocopies of map of Ballynamore 1771 (D|3482 PRONI)

Handwritten notes probably transcripts of MS 8729

Also notes from microfilm in PRONI (MIC 9A|14)

3 pp

Photocopies from State Papers Ireland 63|259 containing a survey of the Manor of the Goldsmith’s c.1620

In 1996 Rev. P. Arkinson of the parish of Mourne Strabane was doing research for an MA on the Goldsmith’s Company Irish estate 1613–1650

(pink folder) ‘Merchant Taylors’

Dr Chart spent some weeks in London each summer working on the Irish estate papers of the Merchant Taylors (boxes nos 126–135). The collection covers the period c.1613–c.1800. Chart prepared a calendar catalogue of some 20 pp of typescript and also arranged for transcription of and photocopying of certain items on this list

The PRONI reference for this collection is T|656

The folders includes photocopies of typed copy of an indenture of 1618 (T 656|5) pp 16–49

Photocopy of typescript of T 656|10 p.37–49. This relates to the company’s suit against Ralph Wall of Macosquin, Co. Londonderry, for a debt of £500

Photocopy of T 656|97 … a particular account of monies dispersed by George Costardyne on their lands in the north of Ireland 5/12/1615–8/8/1616. Copies of the handwritten transcript of part or all of this document.

Photocopy of the published version of the OS Memoir for the parish of Macosquin pp 77–117

Approx. 20 pp handwritten notes apparently directed to a research student.

One page is entitled ‘Tenantry Chapter: rough notes on how you could do it’