B 174574

Working papers for article on the Fishmonger’s Company to be published in the volume on Co. Londonderry issued by Geography Publications

Folder containing the final version of an article ‘The Fishmonger’s Company of London and the Londonderry Plantation 1609–41’.

170 footnotes typeset version published in Geography Publications vol. for Co. Londonderry

‘Final version’ [with] illustrations completed in March 1997

The folder includes earlier drafts

Pink folder with drafts of the above article

5 green folders with working papers including typed transcripts of Fishmonger’s minutes all 2 parts 1 and 2 (MS 5,570|2)

(green folder) ‘Fishmonger’s Co. Minutes; calendar vol. 2 parts 3–5 (MS 5570|2)’

(green folder) ‘Fishmonger’s Co. Minutes, vol. 3’

(green folder) ‘Fishmonger’s: deeds, maps, misc. writing notes and handwritten notes of a document in PRONI (dated 1623 reference D|3,029, including names of freeholders)’