Memo – Ian Montgomery

UHF has received a further 29 boxes of Bob Hunter’s working papers.

We have already produced summary catalogues for quite a number of these boxes especially the photograph albums in Boxes B 174–580 | B174–585.

For some half dozen boxes there are two different typescripts of contents and these have been kept together to produce the final draft.

I have started looking at the remaining twenty three boxes starting with the lowest serial number.

B 183447

[pp 157–158 of typescript]

Existing catalogue stands with addition of two items:

(blue folder) ‘Ulster Placenames: Colonial Connections’: Carroll of Maryland

Envelope with xeroxes of MSS re tobacco 1640s possibly from TCD depositions 1641

B 183448

No change to catalogue

[pp 158–159 of typescript]

B 183450

[pp144–145 of typescript]

B 183449

Theses material on pp146–147 stands

Catalogue entry for B 183451 and B 183452 [pp160–164 of typescript] both stand

Catalogue entries for B 174576 [p.189] and B 174580 [pp190–191] both stand

Catalogue entries for B 174594 [pp105–106] and B 174598 [p.206] both stand

Additional entry on p. 206:

There are at least two other under graduate theses on the subject of the plantation of Port Lough near Raphoe in Co. Donegal. The other students working on this topic were Cynthia Cronin in1972 and Martin T Jackson.

There was also a thesis by D.B. Marley on Owen Roe O’Neill (1982).

Other topics were the Magennis family of Iveagh and Kilwarlin, Co. Down c.1540–c.1640 (1992) and changes of land ownership in South Down c.1640 (1999).

Bound copy of an MA thesis on the development of the Catholic Church in Derry under the leadership of Bishop Francis Kelly 1849–1889 (1997) by Stephen McLaughlin.

B 174611

[p.175 of typescript] stands

B 174619

[pp91–93 of typescript] stands

B 174622

[pp 95–96 of typescript] stands

B 174626

[p.94 of typescript] stands

B 174634 & B 174636

[p.207 & pp 169–171] a few handwritten additions to the catalogue

B 174633

Folders containing handwritten research notes and photocopies including Gilbert MSS in Dublin City Library.

St Finbarre’s Cathedral Cork.

University College Cork.

Cork Courthouse MSS

Also folders containing research notes on early 17th century customs records

B 174633

[pp 98–99 of typescript] stands with a few additions

B 174661

[pp 150–152 of typescript] stands

B 174666

[pp 153–154 of typescript] stands

B 174680

Large folders containing photocopies of the doctorate thesis of Kevin Joseph McKenny entitled ‘The Landed Interests, Political Ideology and Military Campaigns of the North West Ulster settlers and their Laggan army in Ireland 1641–1685’ (State University of New York at Stony Brook 1994)

169 pp double spacing photocopies of part of Dean White’s doctorate thesis on pattern of settlement in Leix and Offaly 1563–1564, pp 39–75, 442–466

Continuation of the Dean White Tudor Plantations Vol. II pp 257–300 Chapter 17 entitled ‘Proposals for the North 1567’

Photocopy of John Dymmok’s ‘treatice of Ireland’ … the original was published c.1800 … reprint by the Irish Archaeological Society Dublin 1842

Three large folders of working papers ‘Ownership and Change’ Cos. Antrim and Down

One folder is mostly handwritten notes and another is mainly IGI searches plus xerox copy of genealogical notes on Chichester family of Co. Devon by Sir William R. Drake published London 1886

(blue folder) ‘Antrim and South Down only’ [handwritten?] notes from Lodge MSS Chancery bills, Book of Survey and Distribution.

(blue folder) ‘Post Medieval Archaeology’ including xerox copy of an article on tobacco pipes and smoking equipment included in the publication ‘Artifacts of Colonial America’

B 174690

This box is now only microfilms so the entry will stand (as on p.107).

B 174692

Additional entry:

(blue folder) ‘Lifford Reading Society’

Handwritten notes

B 174698

(p. 156 of typescript)

Entry Stands