B 183452

Box containing loose papers but also five folders of material concerning Sir Henry Docwra and the Canon Ball on which R.J.H. was doing research in his last months.  Three of these folders carry a memo from Bob’s daughter Laura saying that they were taken from box B 183452 in the collection deposited in PRONI and that they have to be returned to her.

The first of these files has the caption ‘Sir Henry Docwra’s Canon Ball’: text and drafts

R.J.H.’s handwritten biographical study of Docwra approx. 20 pp

[blue file] ‘Docwra’

Letter from R.J.H. 01/05/2007 to his researcher friend Ian [O’Neill] asking for copies of 8 Docwra wills 1586–1628 (probably already supplied before) IGI searches for Docwra

[yellow folder] ‘Docwra’

Xerox copies of the visitation of Yorkshire 1563–4 where Sir Henry Docwra originated and visitation of Co. Warwick 1619 and Leicestershire 1619, Cambrideshire 1575

[green|yellow folder] ‘Docwra’ xeroxes of relevant pages from publications including State Papers Foreign (Historical Manuscripts Commission)

[yellow file] ‘Canon Ball’: tracts on artillery; xeroxes of pamphlets including ‘The Arte Of Shoting In Great [Ordnaunce (?)] (London) 1587’ approx. 100 pp

Xerox copy of ‘The Gunner Shewing The Whole Practise Of Artillie (London 1628)’ approx. 100 pp

[blue folder] ‘Early Doc[ument]’

Actually a handwritten copy of the will of Sir Toby Poyntz of Acton [Ballymore], Co. Armagh 01/01/1685

Xerox copy of an item from State Papers Ireland in the National Archives London ref. SP63|229 f. 203 ‘A View Of Such As Offered To Become Undertakers’ to the plantations in Ulster

Copy of a centenary reprint of the Dill Worthies to mark the 350th anniversary of the first Presbytery in Ulster published jointly by Moyola Books and Braid Books 1992 listed as Ascona series 7

Transcript of gravestone of Rev. J.R. Dill at Dromore Presbyterian Church, Co. Tyrone

[blue file faded] ‘Special Subject’ concerning courses at the new University of Ulster including British Colonisation in Ireland c.1600–1641

Ulster in transformation

List of locations in print of some documents of major importance

H 210 ‘Irish History c.1500–1703’

Typescript of R.J.H. and Raymond Gillespie’s essay entitled ‘The Ulster Plantation’ 14 pp

[blue file faded]

Papers relating to a course at the University of Ulster entitled ‘Ireland In The Twentieth Century c.1910–1985’ (Ref HY 101)

The emergence of modern Ireland c.1910–1985 (Ref HY 101 A)

These papers relate to UU activities in the mid 1990s

[large folder]

Contains 4 enlarged photographs of sections of the Cathedral Church of Derry including the east end the south side (2 of each)

5 sheets of music: romance entitled ‘Alice Where Art Thou’ published London [c.1900]

Photograph of memorial to Drumlegagh LOL 626 … range of negatives including captions with a reference to ‘many photographs of Ardstraw, Skull and Crossbones stones (which precede)’; also gravestone Macosquin near Coleraine

Stone built into vestry at Balteagh Church Drum[surn?] near Limavady

Photograph at Grange including three mortality symbol stones

Photographs in old Donaghedy including mortality symbol stones and Dunn stone

Negatives with a caption Enniskillen ‘And Old Leckpatrick’ 18/03/2000 probably referring to previous prints

Photo of Clogher gravestones ‘one photograph of a Moffett gravestone in Co. Donegal came in between them’

Clogher negatives 19/03/2000

Convoy, Co. Donegal: wooden frame in vestry of C of I church

Magherabeg Friary

Envelope with negatives inscribed Lisnaskea, Newtownbutler, Belturbet, Magherabeg

Boa Island Cemetery ‘heads’ photographs [Co. Fermanagh]

Castlecaldwell; flanker (?) towers about 100 feet external width; gun loops visible inside and outside; possibly part of the original bawn perhaps extended upward

‘This date stone of the old parish church at Church Hill is placed here 1946 by a Clogher bishop [   ?   ] W. Craig incumbent; C.M. and W.J. Ferguson church wardens

Container with 50 colour photographs (7 inches by 5 inches) produced by the Boots Special Memory Service for streets and buildings in Derry … showing the Tillie and Henderson factory at the end of Carlisle Bridge