B 183450

Runs from pages 183 to 189

4 folders of working papers mainly typescript

The largest folder with the caption ‘Co. Armagh: a Map of Plantation c.1610’; papers include the handwritten text of July 2000 first and second drafts in typescript through to corrected page proofs and discs; seems to be a complete set of the working papers of R.J.H.’s contribution to Geography Publications essay volume on Co. Armagh


Typescript 57 pp double spacing marked chapter 8; heavily annotated and corrected probably thesis

Detailed treatment of the towns of Armagh with some text on Mountnorris and Tandragee

Towns in Co. Cavan including towns of Cavan, Virginia, Belturbet 57 pp

This was probably a chapter of R.J.H. thesis

Folders and envelopes; papers covering the period c.1610–c.1640 arranged by date

The first folder is for the years 1610–1613 and this is marked chapter 2 and is mainly typescript

Handwritten essay (24 pp) entitled ‘The Beginnings of Plantation 1610–1613 Chapter 2’

‘The First Year’ handwritten version (10 pp) with typed copy carrying annotations

‘Carew’s Survey’ handwritten (11 pp) with typed version again with annotations and corrections

Handwritten essay (4 pp) entitled ‘Friction in Armagh between servitors and undertakers’

Essay entitled ‘Disputes and concealments’ handwritten (20 pp) with typed version annotated and corrected

‘Bodley Survey 1613’ handwritten (12 pp)

‘Aspects of the native Irish reaction’ handwritten (6 pp) with concentration on Co. Cavan and possibly preparing the text of the thesis for publication

Envelope with annotations on development of plantation 1614–1619

‘Chapter 3’ mostly handwritten (75 pp)

Titles of the sections include:

Granting of Concealments, Surrenders and Regrants Cos. Armagh and Cavan

Irish Unrest 1615–16, Cos. Armagh and Cavan

Government Policy 1615–1618

Pynnar’s Survey (22 pp), Cos Armagh and Cavan

Envelope entitled 1619–1625 handwritten essay entitled ‘Progress and Problems 1619–1625’ chapter IV (14 pp)

Typescript 38 pp entitled ‘The Inquiry of 1622’ annotations Cos Armagh and Cavan

Handwritten section entitled ‘The Natives Inquiry 1623–4’ (2 pp)

Folder containing chapter 5 entitled ‘The Colony In A Period Of Emergency 1625–1632’ (34 pp) typescript MS Cos Armagh and Cavan

Envelope containing a typescript of chapter 6 entitled ‘The Plantation Under Wentworth’s Administration 1633–1641’ (43 pp) mainly MS but some typed

Folder containing chapter 9 entitled ‘Rural Conditions: Rents, Land Values, Incomes and Produce’ (approx. 50 pp) mainly handwritten relating particularly to Cos Armagh and Cavan

Folder entitled ‘Plantations in Ulster’ contains the working papers of R.J.H.’s text published as an education facsimile by PRONI

Folder entitled ‘Coleraine Library’ includes a duplicated copy of R.J.H.’s essay entitled ‘Library Provision In Irish History’ 13/01/1975 he recommended that University Library make a special effort to acquire the library of Dr R.C. Simington editor of the series on the Civil Survey of Ireland