B 183448

Folders containing transcripts of Port Books mainly English ports of Bristol, Barnstaple(?) etc

First folder [faded blue] with a caption ‘Dissertation: Port Books’ actually contains a pen and ink transcript of the custom records for the port of Londonderry 9/1612–9/1615, 46 pp (A4) 385 specific items with some pencilled annotations and corrections to the text

[brown folder] ‘Bristol Port Books’ covering the period c.1570–c.1640

Transcripts by R.J.H. mainly in pencil approx. 200 pp

[blue folder] ‘Port Books: Exeter’ c.1611–1638, 4 pp

‘Minehead Port Books’ handwritten transcripts c.1609–1637 approx. 15 pp

[blue folder] ‘Barnstaple c.1580–1641’ includes Barnstaple and Bideford c.1680–1681 approx. 60 pp handwritten notes

Lists of titles of books in the library at Trinity College Dublin approx. 10 pp including works in French and Spanish. One of the lists has an endorsement at the back ‘list of forfeited books at Galway’

Six page handwritten transcript of the letter of Thomas Madden 23/12/1670 at London enquiring about the library holdings

[blue folder] ‘Winthrop Papers And Winthrop History’

Xerox copy of John Winthrop’s two volume history of New England 1630–1649

Xerox copy of published edition of letters of John Winthrop

[red folder] containing xerox copies of a published history of the Hon. Artillery Company 1537–1926 by G.G. Walker with the roll of members 1611–1682

Xerox copy of two volume history of the Artillery Company by Capt. G.A. Raikes London 1878, pp 1–141, 324–441

[red folder] ‘Trevelyan Papers’

Xerox copy of three volume edition correspondence c.1585– published by the Camden Society in 1872

There are a series of folders for counties in England containing xerox copies of lists of wills and copies of articles in the relevant Victoria Co. History concerning places of origin of Ulster settlers

The Surrey folder contains information about a family named Parkhurst

Sussex: BCH for Ashburnham family

Warwickshire: IGI searches for Stanton

Copy of visitation of the county in 1619 with reference to George Canning [Lord Garvagh?]

Wiltshire: xerox copy of Wiltshire visitation pedigree 1623 families being researched were Anketill, Audley, Brounchar, Dodington, Mervyn, St John etc

Presbyterian Historical Society: xerox copy of proceedings as published c.1920–c.1930