B 183447 – MEMO Box No. 73 – refers back to p 190

(grey|blue folder) Next envelope containing xerox copies of a document in Sheffield Public Library concerning debts for tobacco in Ireland 1640s with reference to the ports of Dublin, Youghal and Kinsale

[green folder] ‘Reformation’

Handwritten notes in pen and pencil mainly concerning works of Rev. James Ussher DD

[brown folder] ‘Ussher’ containing xerox copy of pp 227 – 417

James Tyrill’s entitled: ‘The Power Communicated By God To The Prince And The Obedience Required Of The Subject Communicated to King Charles II’

[brown folder] ‘Irish Revolution’

Xerox copy of Raymond Gillespie’s article on Owen Roe O’Neill entitled ‘Master In The Art Militarie’ 21 pp plus notes

Xerox copy of an article by John A. Murphy entitled ‘The Expulsion Of The Irish From Cork In 1644’

Printed version of [ ] from Co. Cavan to the Lord Justices and Council Dublin 06/11/1641 pp 364–394

Xerox copy of propositions of Irish rebels (by the name of the Roman Catholics of Ireland) presented to His Majesty (London 1644)

Typescript of part of an article by R.J.H. pp 16–26 covering the 1641 period with annotations possibly by T.W. Moody suggesting that sections needed to be summarised with the new history of Ireland now available.

[red folder] ‘The History Of The Warr Of Ireland 1641–1653 By A British Officer’, published Dublin 1873 159 pp

[green folder] ‘Cromwel[ ]n Ireland’

Mainly handwritten notes but including a typescript of an article entitled ‘Cromwell: The English Revolution And The Irish People’ from ‘Brian’ [Manning] living at 68 Strand Road, Portstewart, Co. Londonderry. This is a text of a lecture delivered in Dublin

[green folder] ‘Restoration’

Typescript with critical annotations

There are sections on the First Court of Claims, Second Court of Claims, Claims and Counter-Claims, section on the Restoration Land Settlement, section ‘The Restoration: Government Land Settlement And Society’ handwritten

Xerox copies of articles from the Irish Theological Quarterly 1957 entitled ‘A Gallican Interlude In Ireland: The Irish Remonstrance Of 1661’

[red folder] ‘Catholicism: Derry Diocese’

Xerox copy of article on the diocese of Derry in 1631 from Archivium Hibernicum 1916 by W.P. Burke

Xerox copy of an oath of Cormack O’Mullan 21/12/1631 Co. Londonderry. These are xerox copies from the National Archives London from State Papers 63|253

Typed copy of list of names of Popish Parish Priests, Co. Londonderry 1704

[green folder] ‘Bibliography: Manuscript’

Includes a typescript list of manuscripts consulted by Harold O’Sullivan when working on his Ph.D. thesis (TCD 1991) entitled ‘Land Ownership Changes In The Co. Of Louth In The Seventeenth Century.