B 174699

(blue folder) ‘Alexander Spicer’

Copy of will of Rev. Richard Spicer of Corton, Dynham, Co. Somerset probated 11/3/1607|8

Rev. Spicer’s son Alexander also became a clergyman; he was Sir Arthur Chichester’s tutor at Oxford; he went to Ireland when his former pupil became Lord Deputy; his publications include ‘an essay on the much lamented death of  Sir Arthur Chichester’ published in Dublin in 1625

Xerox copy of long poem (approx. 20 pp) and a xerox copy of a later version

Xerox copy of the religious tract by Rev. Alexander Spicer entitled ‘David’s Petition’

Xerox copy of will of Edward Spicer of Bruton probated 1589 diocese of Bath and Wells

(yellow folder) ‘Stanhall’

4 pp xerox copies of pages from the published visitations of Suffolk and Norfolk 1612 with annotations

‘William Stannow of Bedingham in Norfolk was a great undertaker in Ireland’. He resided at Beccles in Suffolk; IGI search

(yellow folder) ‘Staunton and Staunton|Caulfield’; copies of Staunton wills 1610–1664 all Co. Warwick

10 pp xerox copy of visitations of Co. Warwick 1619 published London 1877

R.J.H. notes ‘Sir Toby Caulfield by will c.1627 left money to nephew Francis Staunton|Stanton’

(red folder) ‘Thomas Stone’; 4 copy of wills 1589–1643 mostly Oxfordshire also IGI search

(green folder) ‘Taylor’; 5 copy wills 1582–1657 mainly Kent also IGI searches and extracts from visitation of Kent 1619

(red folder) ‘Thorold’; 5 copy wills 1569–1627 mainly Lincolnshire

(blue folder) ‘Thurston’; 3 copy wills 1613–1649 London and Suffolk also IGI searches and copy extract from published visitation of Suffolk 1612 with annotations and notes

(yellow file) ‘Titchborne’; 5 copy wills 1579–1644 mainly Hampshire

Also 1 ½ p typescript on career of Sir Henry Tichborne in Ireland; he built up Irish estates particularly in Co. Tyrone. He was MP for that county in the Irish Parliament in 1634 and for Sligo Borough in 1661.

(green folder) ‘Trevor’; photocopy of [Rev?] John Trevor of Trevolyn, Co. Denbigh North Wales 1589

(yellow folder) ‘Wake’; photocopies of wills [c.]1580–c.1650 London, Northhampton and Wiltshire; also IGI search

(yellow folder) ‘Waldron: Farnham and Beaumont’; photocopies of wills 1562–1646 mainly Quorndon, Leicestershire; also copy will of Sir Thomas Beaumont of Bedworth, Co. Warwick, Knight probated 1615

Copy extracts from the visitation of Leicester 1619

(yellow folder) ‘Waldron’; 7 photocopies of wills 1511–1664 mainly Leicester, Nottinghamshire and London

Select photocopies from History of Leicestershire

(blue folder) ‘Humphrey Walker, gent, Somerset (Sir William Harmon’s Consort)’

List of all Walker, Wawker, Wauker wills 1383–1700 in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury (12 pp); IGI search and MS note (1 p)

(blue folder) ‘Ward’; 4 photocopies of wills 1557–1624 Suffolk, Norfolk and Sou[thwark?], Co. Surrey

List of all Ward (and variants) testators London, Middlesex or Surrey 1383–1700 PCC 3 ½ pp

Similar list for Norfolk or Suffolk only

(red folder) ‘Adrianne Watkins’; photocopy of will of John Watkins parish of St Dunstan’s London 14/8/1631

(yellow folder) ‘Waterhouse’; 10 photocopies of wills 1557–1654 including will of Michael Waterhouse gentleman of Dublin 9/7/1582

2 page typescript essay by Andrew Lyall on the career of Sir Edward Waterhouse (1535–1591) administrator who served in Ireland 1565–1590

Photocopy of pages from the visitation of Yorkshire 1584|5 and later visitation of 1612 published 1875

Typed list of Inner Temple members 1547–1660 (1 p) and selected Waterhouse entries in Cambridge University Alumni 1261–1900 ([  ] ½ pp)

(red folder) ‘Whiting’; copy of will of John Whiting Doctor of Divinity and Professor Theology London 16/2/1625; list of PCC wills 1383–1700 (2 ½ pp)

(fawn folder) ‘Whorwood’; 2 photocopies of wills including William Whorwood 9/11/1611 with marginal annotations; also photocopy of will of Sir William Whorwood 1614. PCC list of Whorwood wills 1383–1700 (1/2 p) with notes

(red folder) ‘Mathewe Williams of [ – ] in Co. Gloucester gent’; this file no. 40(?)

Photocopy of the will of Reginald Williams Gent of Westbury Parish diocese of Hereford 16/11/1590; also IGI searches

(Green folder) ‘Sir Thomas Williams’; 5 photocopies of wills 1591–1630 including testators from Essex and London; xerox copy of a published list of Knights Bachelors with much annotation; usual PCC list of testators named Williams 1383–1630 (12 pp)

(yellow folder) ‘Willoughby’; copies (7 pp) tabular pedigrees from the visitations of Nottinghamshire 1569 and 1614; print from a Willoughby database and MS note entitled Clogher barony, Co. Tyrone

(green folder) ‘Wilson’; mainly IGI searches but including two photocopies of wills:

Thomas Wilson yeoman of Clare, Co. Suffolk 1589

Jerome Wilson gent parish of St Giles in the Fields [London] probated 17/3/1633

(red folder) ‘Wingfield’; 12 photocopies of wills 1576–1663

Including will of Sir Richard Wingfield Lord Viscount Powersourt, Marshal of the King’s Army in Ireland and of Theydon Garnon, Essex 19/9/1634

PCC list of Wingfield testators with MS notes

Copy of Oxford DNB article on Edward Maria Wingfield, President of the English Colony of Virginia. His family connection, Jacques Wingfield was Queen Elizabeth’s Master of the Ordnance in Ireland

Xerox copies of pp 125–131 of the visitation of the Co. of Huntingdon 1613

(red folder) ‘Richard Wright’; 12 photocopies of wills 1587–1654 mainly London and Richmond Surrey

Usual listing of all PCC wills for testators named Richard Wright 1550–1700 all merchants with the surname Wright 1500–1700

Xerox copy of pages from R. Mark Benbow’s notes to index of London’s citizens involved in city government 1558–1603 and from Allegations for Marriage Licences issued by the Bishop of London 1520–1610

Print of Oxford DNB article on Sir Robert Wright (c.1549–c.1610)