B 174689

27 reels of microfilm … copies of records mainly in the National Archives London including some of those already available as full xeroxes such as the Declarations of account of a succession of Treasurers at war in Ireland in 1590’s. The reels of film covered familiar references such AO1|286|1078–1079; AO1|287–291; E|190

The collection may also include a full set of microfilm copies of the 1901 census for the Cos of Ireland … there were some eight reels ref MFS in this box and as many more in B 174691

The collection included at least two reels of film of the records of the London Companies held in PRONI and a reel containing part of the Carew MS 630 in Lambeth Palace Library

There were at least two reels of film for the British Museum including a copy of the Muster Roll 1630 (ADD MS 4770 also ADD MS 4794)

The reel carrying the reference E 190|1033 is annotated with Bristol on the box and this might relate to trade