B 174684

Surname folders many containing photocopies of wills

(blue folder) Blennerhasset; approx. 15 photocopies of wills c.1515–1700 including will of Edward Blenerhasset of Belleek, Co. Fermanagh, 1660. All others have places of residence in England including Bedfordshire, Suffolk and several in London

Also IGI searches and photocopies of the published visitation of Suffolk 1561

(red folder) ‘Blount’; 8 photocopies of wills 1534–c.1620 including Lord Mountjoy, Lord Deputy of Ireland 1606(?)

(pink folder) ‘Boggas’; 6 photocopies of wills c.1600–c.1640 … residence Suffolk

(blue folder) ‘Bourchier’; 6 photocopies of wills c.1620–c.1660 including 3 of Earls of Bath

(grey folder) ‘Brooke; Leiscester’; photocopies of wills c.1558–c.1630

2 pp handwritten notes

(yellow folder) ‘William Brower, Suffolk’; photocopies of wills c.1610–c.1645 including 2 of Suffolk John a fisherman and John a merchant

Also will of William Brewer, London 1610 who died overseas

(red folder) ‘Brownlow’; correspondence with Bill Crawford c.1965. He was then teaching in Lurgan and researching the Brownlow family there. Soon after this Bill joined the staff of PRONI.

4 copies of wills 1599–1638

Testators include 2 individuals named Robert Roper of Derbyshire

CD entitled Brownlow histories May 2006

(brown folder) ‘Butler: Beckingham’; c.20 photocopies of wills c.1554–c.1689 including Jeffery Butler Christchurch, Barbadoes, West Indies, planter 1662; mainly Hertfordshire

(mauve folder) ‘Calvert’

4 copies of wills c.1632–1640 including Hon. George Calvert, baron Baltimore 1632

Also will of George Calvert Esquire 3rd son of George Calvert Lord Baltimore made at St Mary’s in the province of Maryland [America] 10/7/1634

The Calverts may have had lands in Co. Wexford as well as Maryland

(blue folder) ‘Caston’

10 copies of wills 1588–c.1640 mainly London but including Leonard gent of Ipswich 1618, Rev. Edward of King’s Lynn Norfolk 19/2/1635|6

(beige folder) ‘Thomas Cheyney gent Suffolk; copy will Thomas Cheyney of Aldebourgh Co. Suffolk mariner; also copy of will of Walter Cheyney merchant taylor of London probated 1594

(yellow folder) ‘Chichester’: 3 wills including Sir Arthur Chichester Lord Deputy of Ireland 8/2/1624|5

John Chichester esquire Dungannon Co. Tyrone 1/11/1643

Very large will of Sir John Chichester of Raleigh Devon [  ]/12/1572

Also a typed summary of this will, typed summary of will of Sir John Chichester of Raleigh Devon 1586

Copy of Chichester pedigree taken from W.R. Drake’s book on the family of Chichester Co. Devon

(pink folder) ‘Christmas’; copy of the will of John Christmas of Colchester Essex 1595

Will of Elizabeth Christmas of Colchester single woman probated 24/1/1625|6

(yellow folder) ‘Clere’; photocopy of will of Sir Edward Clere probated 2/8/1606 single item

(blue folder) ‘Clifton’; IGI searches 3 copy wills 1564–1593

Including Sir John Clifton, Barrington, Co. Somerset 1593

Xeroxes of approx. 6 pp visitations Nottinghamshire 1569 and 1614

(orange folder) ‘Coach’; 4 copy wills c.1555–c.1624 including Richard Cotes and Walter Cotes both of London

Captain Coach ‘was a very prominent military man and expert in fortifications; got estate in Co. Donegal 1610; in Ireland from c.1598 as captain’

(pink folder) ‘Collett’

IGI searches and 2 copy wills Thomas Collett of Grundisburgh Co. Suffolk gent 1558 and John Collett of Westerfield Suffolk gent 1600

(green folder) ‘Coney’; 7 copy wills c.1545–c.1640 mainly Basingthorp, Co. Lincoln including will of Sir Thomas Coney of Corbey Co. Lincs. 26/10/1638

(pink folder) ‘Cope PCC’; some 25 copies of wills c.1550–1676 including Sir Anthony Cope of Hanwell Oxfordshire 14/2/1616 ‘my main man’ (R.J.H.)

Also his brother Sir Walter Cope, master of Court of Wards Kensington London 6/2/1615

Also IGI searches

(yellow folder) ‘Cornwall’; Barrons of Burford approx. 8 pp xeroxes of printed material on family

(blue folder) ‘Cross’; including 2 copies of wills both for Sir Robert Cross died 18/10/1611 and Dame Dorothy Cross 4/4/1623

(blue folder) ‘Culme’; 9 copies of wills 1586–1670 wills of merchant tailors of London and of Devonshire with comment ‘these are very much to the point’

(green folder) ‘Deresley’; 4 copies of wills 1567–1678, 3 of Suffolk and 1 of Norfolk

(green folder) ‘Digges’ ‘St Leger’ ‘Brent [see Moore]’; 9 copies of wills 1509–c.1675 Kent and London

3 typed biographical essays on Leonard Digges c.1515–c.1559 and Thomas (c.1546–1595) both mathematicians; the latter was an MP

Also essay on Sir Dudley Digges (1582|3–1639) politician and diplomat son of Thomas married Anne daughter of Sir Warham St Leger of Leeds Castle Kent

(yellow folder) ‘Dillon’; 9 copies of wills c.1518–1664 including 12/12/1610 Dillon Henry Esq[uire] of Kentstone, Co. Meath

4/3/1631 Dillon Sir John Carrickmacross [Magheross], Co. Monaghan

IGI searches, copies of visitations extracts from Fiants c.1582–1[5]94?

(green folder) ‘Downton’; 2 copy wills including:

Thomas Downton gentleman of Alderton, Shropshire 1614

John Dounton gentleman of same 12/2/1630

(mauve folder) ‘Earth’; 5 copies of wills 1589–c.1634 mainly Wiltshire

(green folder) ‘Edney’; 6 copy wills 1581–1623 mainly London

(beige|fawn folder) ‘Elliott’; copy visitation Co. Cornwall 1620

Copy will of Richard Ellyott of Stoke ‘Gabrell’ [Gabriel] Devon 1574

(green folder) ‘Everard; Arthure Everad Esquire Norf[olk]’

Copy will of Sir Anthony Everard of Much Waltham, Essex 21/1/1614|15

(pink folder) ‘Fettiplace’; 9 copy wills 1564–1651 mainly London

Also 2 pp xeroxes Knight Bachelors with annotations

Extracts published visitations of Berkshire, 1532–1566, 1623 and 1665|6

IGI search and 2 pp MS notes

(grey file) ‘Fishe’; 4 copy wills 1553–1647

Xeroxes of the visitations of Bedfordshire 1566, 1582, 1634

IGI searches and 5 pp manuscript notes including comment ‘these are very important people to me’

(red file) ‘Flowerdew’; 18 copy wills c.1537–c.1690 mainly Norfolk

IGI searches and approx. 10 pp typescript essay on the family

(yellow folder) ‘Foliot’; copies of wills of Henry Folliot vintner of Worcester 1655 and of John Folliott victualler of Worcester 1657

Xerox copy of pp 53–55 of the visitation of Worcestershire 1569

(blue folder) ‘George Gale’; copies of wills of George Gale of Crediton, Devon 1606 and another George Gale will dated 30/1/1633

(grey|green folder) ‘William Carter’; listing of all Carter wills 1383–1700 for the Prerogative Court of Canterbury

(green folder) ‘Glegg’; 9 copy wills c.1588–1654 mainly Cheshire

Also xerox copies of extracts from collection of Lancashire and Cheshire wills 1301–1752 published by the Record Society in 1896 ‘not now to be found in any probate registry’

Also xeroxes of pedigrees and the visitation of Cheshire 1613 (London 1909)

(purple folder) ‘Gore’; 10 copies of wills c.1608–1632 mainly merchant tailors in London

(yellow folder) ‘Gryme’; 2 copy wills both Norfolk 1591 and 1649

(yellow folder) ‘Hansard PCC etc’; 4 copy wills 1588–1650 all Lincolnshire

(red folder) ‘Hatton’; mainly IGI searches approx. 10 pp of MS notes