B 174683

20 files containing IGI searches and copies of mainly Prerogative wills Canterbury c.1590–c.1620

Vaughan file includes 16 page typescript entitled ‘Dunalong – the Fort of the Ships’ by G.B.C. Young

This is one of three files carrying the reference A|9; the other files relate to a Suffolk family named Colby and a William Orley of Bedfordshire

Each of the other files carries a surname such as Bingley, Berkeley, Basil, Barton, Balfour, William Bannister, grocer of Southwark London, Bagshaw, Bagnal including a photocopy of Philip Bagnal’s ‘The Vicissitudes of an Anglo Irish family 1530–1800’ by Philip Bagnal London 1825

Audley, Ashbornham, Ashe, Archdale, Annesley, Anderson, Daniel Alkinton of Dublin, merchant (does not include his will), Aldridge