B 174679

Envelope containing typescript of [Professor] Brian Manning’s essay entitled ‘Scotland and Ireland 1659–1660’, 55 pp double spacing

Envelope containing a 53 page typescript essay on the development of the Penny Chapbook trade by Jessa Watt of Pembroke College, Cambridge

Envelope containing a xerox copy of William Lilly and John Colet’s A Short Introduction of Grammar 1549; facsimile reprint in 1970 and similar reprint for John Brinsley’s Pueriles Confabulatiunculae 1617 and reprinted 1971

Folder entitled ‘Record Commissioners Transcripts’. These refer to transcripts prepared by the Record Commissioners working in Ireland in the first quarter of the 19th century; the working notes of transcribers survive in the National Archives Dublin and also to some extent in the published folio volumes of the Commissioners. The National Archives references include RC5, RC6, RC9, RC12

Xerox copy of typescript catalogue of the transcript collection (38 pp) and some 30 pp of pen and ink notes

Blue and yellow folders and an envelope containing material in the Scottish Record Office; includes an essay on the voyage of the Janet of Leith 1611 to the West Indies with a cargo of pipe staves. Very few port books have survived for Scotland

Includes a xerox copy of an article by Athol Murray of the Scottish Record Office on customs accounts of Drumfries and Kirkcudbrightshire 1560–1660 17 pp

Co. Monaghan: transcript of Book of Survey and Distribution; pen and ink approx. 50 pp; this was the basis of a dissertation submitted in 1996 by Mary McKendry

[orange folder] containing copy of dissertation by Stephen McCollam on the settlement of Monaghan before and after the nine years war 1585–1610, 47 pp double spacing

Some research notes and IGI searches

[fawn folder] ‘Dean White’ who did a PHD dissertation Dublin 1967 on the Tudor plantation in Ireland before 1571

Copies of parts of the thesis pp 226–291 and 332–384

Xeroxes of other sections of the thesis appear in box B 174594 covering pp 9–75, 257–300, 442–466

Also approx. 20 pp handwritten notes

[pink folder] ‘Armagh Co. Museum’; xerox of report of Armagh Natural History and Philosophical Society 1864

5 folders containing notes of depositions of 1641 in TCD

MS 835 Counties Fermanagh and Dublin

MS 836 Counties Cavan and Armagh

MS 839 Counties Donegal, Londonderry and Tyrone