B 174675

Large envelope containing a xerox copy of the Prerogative will of Sir Richard Hansard of Lifford, Co. Donegal, 21/08/1620 (12 pp), PRONI D|1550|128|1

Bequest includes £30.00 sterling yearly for the entertainment and maintenance of a schoolmaster in Lifford … teaching ‘in a free school intended to be built in Lifford’

£200 sterling yearly to dearly beloved wife Dame Anne Hansard; also to her two ‘sessocks’ of land called the Connyherry lately in the occupation of one Richard Headly deceased

To John Hansard the younger son and to John Hansard of Vouslatrey(?) Co. Lincoln a stone house and 2 sessiocks of land Killokeel adjoining the house

To Dame Anne ‘all plate jewels, utensils and household stuff whatever with all mares, horse garrons, colts, sheep, oxen and cows except one colt of the flea bitten mare of 3 years old which I will and bequeath on to Welcome of Stanton’ Co. Lincoln Esquire

‘There is owning on to me from Sir Ralph ‘Bungley’ [Bingley] Knight above £200 sterling current money of and in England’

Specification for the building of a church in Lifford

[blue file] Co. Tyrone PROI ref. RC 5|28 in Record Commissioners Calendar of Exchequer Inquisitions; xerox copies of pp 329 – 426

pp 319–329 copy will of Sir Arthur Chichester 20/10/1621

[yellow folder] Co. Cavan bearing ref RC 9|1; xerox copies of the Record Commissioners Calendar of Exchequer Inquisitions Ulster Vol. 1 pp 66–98 with some dates annotated in pencil

Xerox copies of same pp 85–98 again with annotations

[red file] including similar material for Cos ‘Donegal and Derry’ PROI ref RC 9|1

Co. Donegal pp 141–190

Co. Londonderry pp 311–332

Large torn envelope containing similar xeroxes for ‘Co. Tyrone’; RC 9|1 pp 415–500

Second copy of pp 441–462, c.1603–c.1660 … usual annotations

Large torn envelope containing similar material for Co. Londonderry ROI RC 5|28

Xeroxes of pp 101–123 including copy will of Peter Benson 23|08|1643 Alderman city of London bequeaths manor of Shragmirlur, Co. Donegal which divides in three parts and a third given to son Richard Benson including the mansion or manor house, one third to wife Margaret and one third to their four children – Peter, Paul, Basil and Margaret. Also holds lands of Elaughmore etc near the city of Londonderry; 10 to the daughter who is now wife of Mr John Cunningham; £10 to Thomas Knox his son and my grandchild; bequest to children of Samuel Lewis (pp 116–123)

Large envelope containing a xerox copy of the Bodley survey of Ulster 1608 held in the Bodleian Library Oxford MS Rawlinson A 237; 91 folios

Entitled A Book of the King’s Lands Found Upon the last General Survey within the Province of Ulster A[nno] D[omina] 1608

An edition of this has been published in Analecta Hibernica III pp 151–218

[blue file] Xerox copies of Record Commissioners published Calendar of Inquisitions for Co. Armagh c.1609–c.1630 with numerous annotations

[green file] Containing similar printed material for Co. Cavan again with numerous annotations

Copy of John Speed’s map of Ulster [c.1610] with Enniskillen fort inset

Roll containing three xerox copies of documents in the National Archives, London,

including answer of William Smallman to the bill of complaint of Sir William Mounson Knight complainant c.1622 C2 |James I|M19|40

Auctioneer’s catalogue of contents of Government House, Kilkenny Road, Londonderry sold 11/06/1968